information gathered during devs livestreaming of Trove content on 1/16/15

information may change or vary or fail to be implemented, please don't take this as gospel

Night (possibly Light) Cycle coming soon with 3 versions

new starter pack $20 being added before the end of month that includes the Night Cycle working on new bundles to be added

pets will become renamed to allies
they're slated to be more useful
and are unlocked by throwing shadow cages
they can be unlocked with gold key like mystery boxes for the rarest allies only
UNCOMMON Ally- ginslinger cubesely previewed
pets will be tradable and can be added to collection (probable Mastery grant for collecting them)

Warpseed will be renamed to GLIM
GLIM will be a  trading material for pirates of treasure isles, to be added soon
(Last week's stream hinted that this would be how you obtain the new allies)

crafing will complete on its own, the window doesn't need to be up
crafting will give an alert when complete

new profession RUNECRAFTING 

  • new recipe carpet mount for mastering Runecrafting
  • can deconstruct recipes for points in Runecrafting
  • Runecrafting will grant the ability to make new color blocks
  • Future updates will be putting old styles into vault
  • craft vault boxes to unlock styles

TOMES will be added soon they'll be equippable to your characters as you gain xp your tome fills up, when it fills up compltely it grants a bonus depending on the type of Tome
many different kinds; flux, robotic salvage mentioned

radiant ruins preview - lots of floating islands
updrafts used to get from island to island

darkheart quests debut in Radiant Ruins interact with totem, destroy the stuff that spawns
gain radiant shards from destroying them
used as a crafting material for new profession

water biome briefly mentioned - jump unlimited # of times underwater

collection of Clubworlds you've liked, so you can revisit to be added soon

class pushed back release to early next month

you can lose max mastery if you don't "maintain" it

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