FEB 10 next big patch
mounts/costumes open for player creation soon
gunslinger costume: holding hero (hotdog) consists of helm and body armor
weenie mount! fast frank next week

new starter packs coming Tuesday - getting rid of the old ones

Power Pack ($20) - exclusive fire wings, 2 personal class coins, unyeilding flask, trailblazer flask, trovetopper, trovian supercycle, 3 pearls of wisdom, 2k primal blocks

Class Pack ($20) - 5 personal class coins

fire wings!!! in power pack bundle
some wings tradable, some are, the wings in the starter pack are NOT
no wings next week, but when they arrive they'll be available through drops, the store, & starter packs

water preview - deeper water, slowed in water, no flying in water
jetski solution for faster water travel planned for sometime this year (70 or 80 mastery bonus)

cycle of the master (90) & trovian cycle released Tuesday

PIRATES - ships in the seas of tranq pearls (1000f), prisms, tomes tradable for FLUX from pirates
cat soultrap vendor & "shadowy merchants" on ships will carry an arroy of goods to be traded recipies, Fast frank mount (5000 glim), soultraps (250 glim)
xp limiting - stopping leechers from being in high levels players will only gain exp from their current level zone and one zone above

revamp magic find - shared w/ those around you and increases rarity of drops, can multi crit up a level

ACCEPTING SHADOW DUNGEONS SOON - hardmode, lots of traps
addition to arenas - somtimes one class will get a dmage buff

vanity stats - how many blocks you place, etc
ICE WYVERN MOUNt- crafted w/ glacial shards, steed feed


abducted trovians (quebsely) - cooldown reduction (~25%)

raptors - heal+movespeed boost after kills
cats - LIFESTEAL on damage
punchbots - less damage
common ones have LESS, rare ones have better stats
no lvl restriction

runecrafting coming soon
make recipes for different block types
divided into diff levls and colors
glass, steel, the final level lets you craft tomes

Shadow Hunter: light arrows basic attack
shadow spirit attached to armor let's the class see through walls @ enemies
prox mine w/ stun m2
super mega arrow ULT -debuffs npc all around


heartophone - let's everyone know your love for someone poss 2/14

proclaimaphone - 140 character message goes to everyone in the game

clubpartyphone - opens a portal in every world and announces you're having a party