Trion streams once a week on Fridays at 1:30 pm PST.  If you missed today's stream, catch up on the latest stuff here!

Disclaimer:  Things talked about in the stream are for UPCOMING updates and may go through some changes or not be implemented at all.  Take things you find here with a grain of salt.

preview of shadow hunter
passive - see things through walls & shadow marks enemies

shadow marked enemies get increased damage from
radiant arrow - M2 ability (hold down rt click to power up)
arrow of goddess ult - can fire through walls, debuffs everything around and does super dmg
knockback/stun bear trap (1), can throw multiples like the dracolyte's bombs

shadow hunters are a magic class - bows with magic damage

sky islands / radiant runes
chaos butterfly wings
Feb 10 release date

club megaphone - to everyone playing game
[Username] is throwing a party, all hubs in the game now have a portal to that world

water physics - coming after air update
can jump as many times as you want in water
you move more slowly in water
devs hinting at a way to move more quickly in water

send your love across the entire game
pick someone from your friend's list that's currently online
can search friendslist by name

the message goes out to everyone in game.

no big revamps for Knight & Gunslinger, but the old classes will get buffs soon


If you have the Power Pack and want the Wings added this week, please raise HYPE for them at this forum post:

two mastery sets of wings
100 mastery wings - prestige
a special set of wings exclusively for chaos chests

chaos chests update every patch with new items

shadow arena wings!!! drop like the carpet in the shadow arenas

pets - pirates
4 types; qubesly, raptors, cats, punchbots
quebsly - cooldown reduc
cats - lfieteal
bots - flat dmg reducton
raptors - health on death + mvmt speed

Tomes - Feb 10
highest tier runecrafting profession
as you gain exp it fills up at the same rate
when it fills it gives you crafting mater
mushroom chunks, robotic salvage possible

/stats command
will update on tuesday so they start tracking your actual stats
will add <3's

crafted with glacial shards, bones, & steed feed

hotdogs were added last week
mount and gunslinger costume

if there's enough hype on forums almost anything can get added
but also have some patience - these things take time

shadow dungeon creation guidelines coming out soon
requirements will be more strict, linear, must include a staging area
looking for player made ones
need to have standardized color pallettes
much crazy traps and spikes!

no refunds for power pack pieces- sry
anything added in future in pack will be credited to past purchasers

freeform megaphone
can type in a message whatever you want to whoever in game
most op item there is in the game

/pose with wings

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