information gathered during devs livestreaming of Trove content on 1/9/15

information may change or vary or fail to be implemented, please don't take this as gospel

next biomes/classes:

  • sky/air/
  • water/pirates
  • underground

kicking will be added in shadow arenas, coming out next week
buffs to neon ninja

gold name for max Mastery

radiant ruins to go with wings
ability to jump and glide - jumping does not reset while gliding
new dung type - like sunflower ruins, item bursts and you must collect pieces
"shadow hunter" class

bigger bosses?! coming later, possibly to U4 and U5 worlds

class coins - one tradable, one not tradable
trade ones for purchase at store
non trade for new players to unlock class other than knight
gunslinger will be locked again

increase freq of shadow dungeons

new profession towards end of month

pets: end of month
cooldown reduction
some kind of trade mechanism

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