physical damage change for Shadow Hunter

preview of the darkest night wings, available from shadow arenas
more common drops for arena carpet
dn wings from arena drop, scale in SA, go to U5

new quest type in radiant ruins
dark heart quest
collect prism pieces in time limit
45 sec or 60 sec (undecided)
not intended to get all of them, just as many as you can

new cloud system, spwn at dif height in rr
fog layers

neophyte wings for mastery 20
mastery 100 wings, wings of the master
stormacallers wings in the store store, tradeable, credits only
chaos butterfly - chaos chest

gunslinger blaster upgrade land attacks get slowfall
basic shots activate slowfall

UBER MAN costume for gunner

6,500 cubits for Ice Sage when Shadow Hunter rleased

prisms going up in price
eyes will drop easier from deconstructing red equip

club megaphone testing
everyone in game gets the notificiation, no text entering
portals last 5min show in every hub

resource blocks become textured and underground

you die if you fall into the abyss in RR

friend-o-phones going IG
paints people red, pretty pricy in store
after patch turns the target's name red for 24 hrs

relic of the past costume for SH
deadshot costume for SH

If they ever do PVP it would be something like oldschool Smash Bros.

Bows Preview
lots of rainbow bows
no more neon bows

more lairs for biomes that don't have many
credits values changing for lairs & dungeons
candy lairs 1/2 credit, dragon get 2x
dragon and fae has the fewest

lairs are 10 bigger?

balefire dracolyte costume preview
will have green fire

Possibly a RR terraformer
RR doesn't play well with land biomes

to enter RR it's a new realm called the sky realm
potentially other kinds of island biomes will be added in sky realm in the future
Sky realm portals can only be placed and actived in clubs

dragonform won't dissolve until landing (when gliding) or dismounting

Powerpack Updates:
fixing flasks for people who have flasks
additional content for PP coming in the future
will be added for people who already purchased

lair creation for RR will be possible

recipes for new blocks
101 new block colors added in this patch
availavble from crafting with runecrafting

deconstructing recipes + rr collect rescources for runecrafting

craftable wings in the future but not yet
will cost a BOATLOAD of mats

100 Mastery for each set of wings

no dance next week, but other emotes are added
/nap and /zzz makes your character sleep

FISHING will be a good source of glim
coming soon, no eta

shadome will move to Mastery 10
quebesly going somewhere else

lore updated:

fixed sliding unicorm bug


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