Stream Gossip 6/5/15

new quests (wk after) dragon cache AND DRAGONS Challenges

heads- customize head per class heads will be reset when this goes live

patch notes:

increase bullet speed / distance gunner, fae, sage dec dam ice sage #2, less enviro increase area for portal activation allow up to  9999 items at once costume box visuals update sh faster, ranged faster forged shadow weapons new gold thread objectives: walking/steps no class coin for new player = cubits will be granted drac bug fix moving items between things stack fixed livesaver flask bug

CHALLENGES: DRAGONS: Number of objectives, timer, zone bronze, silver gold, etc challenges start at top of hr, run for 20 mins or so aren't always running higher ubers = multiplier better rewards have a class bonus complete dungeons, get reward get dragon caches from completing them

dragon riding no more loot from little worms

COMPASS in the top center shows dungeons/lairs and directions New quest completion portal, looks better

BADGES (WEEK AFTER) unlock things tied to your stats quest boxes total days logged in consecutive days logged in more that I missed

dragon pet: grows dragon souls, unlock the pet fledgling, can ride adult, can ride, much bigger each dragon requires more souls consumed legendary, has a name, sweet face & tail does MYSTERIOUS THINGS

UI: two orbs split again, one left one right

steam release: asian server, additional servers more adventure worlds after launch possible to expand servers, ye

no more accidental gear swap

minor-major updates to club: focusing on polish buildable inter-world portal coming at some point more social functionality for clubs in the future challenge rewards will give Flux

No wipes when going live beta-only reward!!!!

giant list of player-made stuff, coming soon costumes, wings, next couple of weeks decorative bowls

rearrange hotkeys- maybe for the future! big features will be included in the future

AUCTION HOUSE post launch refer a friend in the future, not for beta sry reporting soon - and behavior reporting for bots

U6 coming, better than U5!!!!

Screenshot 2015-06-05 16.35.25
Screenshot 2015-06-05 16.42.30
Screenshot 2015-06-05 16.43.17
Screenshot 2015-06-05 16.46.42
Screenshot 2015-06-05 16.48.00

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