All information for this stream gossip credit to this thread on the forums.

Trove Livestream Summary - July 17th – Neon Dragons and Golden Chaos Chests!

Got up this morning and didn’t see a livestream summary up, so I guess you haven't heard the last from me (as long as you don't mind the stream summaries coming a tad later than usual due to being overseas) 

If you missed the stream you can catch it here.

Hosted by:

Andrew (Avarem) Ted (Dopesheet) Keetsie (Junebug) Adam (Decoy_Trion)

News and Announcements:*Stream will always be an hour earlier than usual (new normal time)-12:20pm PDT

  • Will be compensating players with free things for server troubles-will go out this afternoon and will take time, 700k people (anyone who has logged in since launch) will get free things: 3 days of patron time (will stack on current time if you have patron), 3 more days of patron time if you’ve spent money in game since launch, 1 non-tradeable class coin, 3 shadow keys
  • For those new to stream-what they show on stream is basically what is coming into game in the next two weeks
  • J now lets you change classes anywhere-class changer no longer exists
  • New Adventure Boxes coming in Tuesday: FriedSushi’s Red Pandas!
  • Extra inventory space will be coming in
  • PVP testing will begin soon
  • Streamers can contact Steve (Fasti) for giveaway codes!
  • Lore is no longer in tutorial because “lore bomb” is on the way
  • Carpets will be available at PAX/Gamescon!

Servers:*As they’re improving servers and making optimizations, more and more people keep joining the game

  • They’ve already expanded to 400% of original capacity (and that many people are playing!)

New Player Basics-Chaos Chests:*Chaos Factor-every day that you log in you get a chaos chest for each point (1 when you hit 100 Mastery and an additional when you hit max mastery, 2 for being patron, 1 for every $1000 spent on game)

  • Chaos Chests (50 credits in store) give resources, mid-range store items, and rare items (could be a random store item or a previous item in the game)
  • Randomized every week

Neon Dragons:*Coming next week!

  • Keetsie did all of the neon dragon’s effects!
  • Dragon souls will now drop in the uncommon table (2.5x more common)
  • Will now need 100 souls to max out, but new progress levels (helm and weapons arsenal)-Azulian dragon souls will still work the same way (only neon dragon progression is different)
  • Bonus stats do stack, neon dragon will give additional jump, magic find, and 5% energy regeneration
  • Coins will be used to acquire previous dragon souls, combine coin + biome-relevant material for dragon (glacial shard for Azulian, robotic salvage for Neon, etc)
  • Since dragon souls drop natively, essences no longer exist
  • Weapons arsenal may get some extra love (VFX?)

Community Content: 8 new costumes coming in a $20 pack (will also be available in mystery boxes and individually), available a week from Tuesday*Dreamolyte

All modders with accepted costumes will get 300 codes for costume itself + 25 codes for pack itself. There ARE other costumes accepted and they will be coming in a future pack.

Golden Chaos Chests:*Rolls only on the rare table of chaos chests

  • Will be part of new deals

Spoilers:*Shadow Tower: Shadow Titans (big!), will recruit community to design the new Shadow Titan

  • New Class: New weapon type, moon-based (lunar goddess/lunar-powered)
  • Next major update will be the underground update-will include underground realm, augmented mag riders, and ring forging!

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