Note: Trove is no longer in Alpha. Thank you for all who participated!

Alpha FAQ

How do I get a key?

1. Watch for patch notes on the Trove subreddit every Tuesday and Thursday (usually), they usually have a multi-use key that is in the initial post, and later removed once the uses are up.  Sometimes players will post their extra keys too.

2. Follow @Trovegame or the developers on Twitter and watch for keys in tweets and images.

3. Watch for livestreams offering give-aways.

4. Create an item or lair/dungeon for the game.  If accepted, you will get instant access and some in-game credits, check out the Trove Creations subreddit for info.

5. Buy instant access to Trove .

Will everything be deleted between Alpha and Beta?

Yes (some worlds might be saved in a read-only state, but) all items, collections, inventories, worlds, cornerstones, characters, etc. will be wiped.  Count on only player names remaining.  Any in-game credits (rainbow coins) you have spent or accrued will be returned plus 50%.  So if you spent $20 in Alpha, you will receive $30 worth of in-game credits after the server reset.

Will I still have access to Trove beta if I am already playing Trove alpha?

Yes.  If you currently have access to Trove, you will have access to Trove forever and ever and ever.  Also, Trove will eventually be free-to-play after the Beta.

Tech Support FAQ

"My screen is black."

1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.  

2. Try deleting your Trove shader cache.  Press WindowsKey-R, type %appdata%/Trove/shadercache, and press enter. Then delete those files and re-launch the game.

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