Appeased Dream Gobbler

Appeased Dream Gobbler

Appeased Dream Gobbler ingame

Category Mount
Type Raptor
Group Event
Tradeable Trade emote
Mastery Points 50
Movement Speed 90
Item ID

You seem to have reached some form of mutual non-aggression pact where neither of you eats the other.
— Item Tooltip

Appeased Dream Gobbler is a mount that can be crafted from Trotting Turkey at Turkeytopia Table.


Crafting Station
Turkeytopia Table small Turkeytopia Table
Ingredient(s) Amount
Trotting Turkey small

Trotting Turkey 2
Shadow Shard small

Shadow Shard 100
Steed Feed small

Steed Feed 300
Appeased Dream Gobbler small Appeased Dream Gobbler 1

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