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Content you create and submit to Trion's Trove™ is governed by Section 5 of Trion’s Terms of Use. By submitting any such content, you are agreeing to those terms, which include:

  • All rights regarding the submitted content belong to Trion Worlds.
  • The submitted content does not infringe upon any third party rights.

Currently Requested Items



Weapons and Props:

  • Mask - High Need: All EXCEPT Undead, Neon City
  • Hat - High Need: All EXCEPT Candy
  • Spear (NEW) - High Need: All biomes
  • Melee - Low Need: All biomes
  • Pistol - High Need: All EXCEPT Frontier, Dragon, Neon City
  • Bow - Low Need: All biomes
  • Staves - High Need: All EXCEPT Undead, Tundra, Fae, Neon City
  • Hair Styles
  • Cornerstone Props

Important Note: If you do not have game access yet see the instructions here to download the client so that you can create the required in-game previews.

Common Information

Item Creation

Weapon Creation

Mod Creation

​Other Creations


Services and Miscellaneous

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