WARNING: It is against Trion's Terms of Use Agreement (as seen in section 2 and section 12D) to sell codes for real money and/or in-game currency and can/will result in a ban from the game.

Balefire Wings

Balefire Wings

Balefire Wings effect

Wings Balefire Wings

Category Wings
Group Rare
Item ID
Set the heavens aflame.
— Item Tooltip

The Balefire Wings are wings now given out to streamers by the developers as a promotional item. This item replaced the previous promotion item: the Robo Raptor. These wings are much like Wings of the Phoenix but set to balefire green theme and with a larger wingspan.

These wings are only distributed through redeemable codes by regular Trove Streamers, so these wings can only have one code redeemed per account.


Every streamer who receives codes for unlocking the balefire wings will get a total of 5 codes every week for every streamer (less than 10 a week from Robo Raptors) to give out to people watching their stream, however all of which must meet certain requirements made by the Community Manager in order to distribute them. This helps promote their own stream as well as supporting Trove in showing off the gameplay.

Different streamers will have their own way of how they want to distribute their codes to their viewers. Most streamers will require their viewers to follow then on their stream and will either give them out at a certain times during their stream or when they reach a certain amount of followers (Popular Streamers like Dunmire1234 and Legendary_Studios are examples of popular Streamers who regularly do this). There are few of which give out Balefire Wings with no followers required (examples would be PhatDylanRules and Ragetrip). Most giveaways are based off of luck in order to recieve a code.

Each streamer must follow certain regulations in giving out their codes. Every viewer can only win balefire wing codes ONCE. Every streamer keeps track of players with a list they constantly update and check for duplicates and/or possible bot users. Trying to sell a code for Flux or real money can result in a ban (especially in an attempt to scam other players) and streamers may lose their privileges in distributing balefire wings.

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