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Every zone or biome in Trove has its own specific creatures and monsters, which can be more or less a challenge for the player. While most are hostile and will attack any nearby player, there are also a few which stray from this behavior. Killing creatures grants the player experience, a chance for equipment, and a chance for materials such as Glim, which are often used for crafting.

General Behavior

Hostile monsters are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player: they are subject to Environmental Hazards (mainly fall damage and lava), and they can be hurt by some of the same things that harm the player. All monsters are resistant or immune to certain hazards, such as spikes and flame turrets. When some monsters are killed, they drop items which may be useful resources such as Robotic Salvage from Robots or Bleached Bones from Skeletons. Most monsters have an advanced pathfinding system that allows them to traverse complex mazes to get to the player but cannot jump up any higher than or equal to two blocks. They will also naturally avoid holes in the ground unless the player is in one of them.

List of Monsters

The creatures here are classified by the either the biome or situation where they can be found in or their type. For more details, click and view their individual pages.

Lands of Learning
Enemy Radiant Specter
Radiant Specter

Medieval Highlands
Enemy Bat Enemy Bee Enemy Black Scarab Enemy Firefly Enemy Giant Ladybug Enemy Gloomwing Enemy Golden Beetle Enemy Mushroom Man
Bat Bee Black Scarab Firefly Giant Ladybug Gloomwing Golden Beetle Mushroom Man
Enemy Mushroom King Enemy Spider
Mushroom King Spider

Cursed Vale
Enemy Ancient Viking Skeleton Enemy Cave Beetle Enemy Dark Mushroom Man Enemy Dark Mushroom King Enemy Death Knight Enemy Skeleton Enemy Skeleton Knight Enemy Undead Emperor
Ancient Viking Skeleton Cave Beetle Dark Mushroom Man Dark Mushroom King Death Knight Skeleton Skeleton Knight Undead Emperor
Enemy Viking Skeleton Enemy Wraith Enemy Zombie
Viking Skeleton Wraith Zombie

Desert Frontier
Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Foreman Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Miner Enemy Bone Blade Enemy Cactote Enemy Cactote Warlord Enemy Desert Crab Enemy Emerald Iguana Enemy Gila Monster
Arcanium-Crazed Foreman Arcanium-Crazed Miner Bone Blade Cactote Cactote Warlord Desert Crab Emerald Iguana Gila Monster
Enemy Gigas Minerbot Enemy Saloonbot Enemy Shearwing Enemy Steambot Drone Enemy Steambot Overseer Enemy Waspider
Gigas Minerbot Saloonbot Shearwing Steambot Drone Steambot Overseer Waspider

Fae Wilds
Enemy Caterpillar Enemy Dark Fae King Enemy Dark Fae Myrmidon Enemy Dark Fae Queen Enemy Dark Fae Rogue Enemy Dark Fae Sorceror Enemy Dark Fae Warrior Enemy Fae Spider
Caterpillar Dark Fae King Dark Fae Myrmidon Dark Fae Queen Dark Fae Rogue Dark Fae Sorceror Dark Fae Warrior Fae Spider
Enemy Faewing Enemy Pitcher Plant Enemy Wild Fae Female Caster Enemy Wild Fae Female Warrior Enemy Wild Fae King Enemy Wild Fae Male Rogue Enemy Wild Fae Male Warrior Enemy Wild Fae Queen
Faewing Pitcher Plant Wild Fae Female Caster Wild Fae Female Warrior Wild Fae King Wild Fae Male Rogue Wild Fae Male Warrior Wild Fae Queen

Dragonfire Peaks
Enemy Dragon Whelp Enemy Ember Drake Enemy Lava Beetle Enemy Lava Crab Enemy Magma Drak Enemy Magman Enemy Magmito Enemy Red Dragon
Dragon Whelp Ember Drake Lava Beetle Lava Crab Magma Drak Magman Magmito Red Dragon
Enemy Skeletal Drak Enemy Stingdrake
Skeletal Drak Stingdrake

Neon City
Enemy Biped Cannonbot Enemy Bladebot Enemy Cyberdrone Enemy Cyberian Android Enemy Flying Cannonbot Enemy Punchbot Enemy Robospider Enemy Taseroid
Biped Cannonbot Bladebot Cyberdrone Cyberian Android Flying Cannonbot Punchbot Robospider Taseroid

Enemy Blue Popman Enemy Candy Cornet Enemy Cupcake Caliph Enemy Fruit Bat Enemy Gingerbread Cultist Enemy Gingerbread Man Enemy Gummy Worm Enemy Licorice Lasher
Blue Popman Candy Cornet Cupcake Caliph Fruit Bat Gingerbread Cultist Gingerbread Man Gummy Worm Licorice Lasher
Enemy Muffin Maker Enemy Muffin Tough Enemy Pound Cake Enemy Red Popman Enemy Soft Serf Enemy Spearmint Scarab Enemy Sundae Cenobite
Muffin Maker Muffin Tough Pound Cake Red Popman Soft Serf Spearmint Scarab Sundae Cenobite

Enemy Bitter Snow Spirit Enemy Crystal Spider Enemy Fridgebot Enemy Frost Wight Enemy Frozen Dracolich Enemy Ice Beetle Enemy Polar Worm Enemy Rimetalon
Bitter Snow Spirit Crystal Spider Fridgebot Frost Wight Frozen Dracolich Ice Beetle Polar Worm Rimetalon
Enemy Snowblind Strangler Enemy Stark Snow Spirit Enemy Tentacle Terror Enemy Wight King Enemy Wight Runecaster Enemy Yeti
Snowblind Strangler Stark Snow Spirit Tentacle Terror Wight King Wight Runecaster Yeti

Treasure Isles
Enemy Crab Enemy Blue Crab Enemy Sharkhan Enemy Sharkhan Deep Seer Enemy Pirate Sailor Enemy Pirate Cannoneer Enemy Pirate Captain Enemy Undead Pirate Sailor
Crab Blue Crab Sharkhan Sharkhan Deep Seer Pirate Sailor Pirate Cannoneer Pirate Captain Undead Pirate Sailor
Enemy Undead Pirate Cannoneer Enemy Undead Pirate Captain
Undead Pirate Cannoneer Undead Pirate Captain

Jurassic Jungle
Enemy Archeosaurus Enemy Sabretooth Scarab Enemy Diatryma Enemy Dimetrodon Enemy Giant Dragonfly Enemy Quetzalcoatlus Enemy Therizinosaurus Enemy Tyrannosaurus Rex
Archeosaurus Sabretooth Scarab Diatryma Dimetrodon Giant Dragonfly Quetzalcoatlus Therizinosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex
Enemy Triceratops Enemy Sarcosuchus Enemy Simian Troglodyte Enemy Simian Trog Chief Enemy Saurian Troglodyte Enemy Saurian Trog Chief Enemy Avian Troglodyte Enemy Avian Trog Chief
Triceratops Sarcosuchus Simian Troglodyte Simian Trog Chief Saurian Troglodyte Saurian Trog Chief Avian Troglodyte Avian Trog Chief
Enemy Anuran Troglodyte Enemy Anuran Trog Chief
Anuran Troglodyte Anuran Trog Chief

Sky Realm
Enemy Radiant Giant
Radiant Giant

Shadow Tower
Enemy Dream Monster Enemy Shadow Drone Enemy Shadow Knight Enemy Shadow Spider
Dream Monster Shadow Drone Shadow Knight Shadow Spider

Enemy Dream Gobbler Enemy Hellbug Invader Enemy Ice Giant Enemy Ladybug Invader Enemy Shadow Boot Enemy Shadow Giant Enemy Darknik Warbot Enemy Shadow Nautilus
Dream Gobbler Hellbug Invader Ice Giant Ladybug Invader Shadow Boot Shadow Giant Darknik Warbot Shadow Nautilus
Enemy Shadow Observer Enemy Shadow Pinata Giant
Shadow Observer Shadow Pinata Giant

World Bosses
Boss Dracocolatl Boss Thallasion Boss Flakbeard
Dracocolatl Thallasion Flakbeard

Shadow Titans
Titan Spike Walker Titan Weeping Prophet Titan Vengeful Pinata God Titan Daughter of the Moon
Spike Walker Weeping Prophet Vengeful Pinata God Daughter of the Moon

Spawn Turret Spawn Flame Turret Spawn Pirate Cannon 64px 64px 64px 64px 64px
Turret Flame Turret Pirate Cannon Healing Pylon Gravity Pylon Spinning Disk Shadow Sprite Shadow Strike
64px 64px Spawn Floateye Spawn Primordial Pinman Spawn Autumn Pinman Spawn Winter Pinman Spawn Spring Pinman Spawn Summer Pinman
Mushroom Spore Spikebot Floateye Primordial Pinman Autumn Pinman Winter Pinman Spring Pinman Summer Pinman
Spawn Shadow Pinman 64px 64px
Shadow Pinman Moon Daughter Pistol Moon Disk

NPC Saltwater Sam Treasure Isles Trader NPC Shadowy Treasure Isles Trader NPC Saltwater Sam Treasure Isles Trader NPC Merchant of Marvels NPC Weaver of Wonders
Saltwater Sam Shadowy Treasure Isles Trader Treasure Isles Trader Merchant of Marvels Weaver of Wonders
NPC Battle Broker NPC Pinates the Purveyor NPC Radiant Merchant
Battle Broker Pinates the Purveyor Radiant Merchant

NPC Party Animal NPC Autumn Pinata NPC Winter Pinata NPC Spring Pinata NPC Summer Pinata NPC Shadow Pinata NPC Celebratory Pinata NPC Celebratory Pinman
Party Animal Autumn Pinata Winter Pinata Spring Pinata Summer Pinata Shadow Pinata Celebratory Pinata Celebratory Pinman
Radiant Warrior


These only appear during specific seasons or events.

Enemy Spring Beetle Enemy Azure Shrike Enemy Pumpkin Patch Crawler Enemy Pumpkin Floateye Enemy Flamotron Mk II 64px Enemy Ice Golem 64px
Spring Beetle
(Spring Only)
Azure Shrike
(Autumn Only)
Pumpkin Patch Crawler
(Shadow's Eve Only)
Pumpkin Floateye
(Shadow's Eve Only)
Flamotron Mk II
(Snowfest Only)
G.R.Y.P.H. 3000
(Snowfest Only)
Ice Golem
(Snowfest Only)
(St. Qubeslick's Day Only)


These have been removed in past patches and can no longer be encountered naturally.

Enemy Brown Bug Enemy Decompiler 64px Enemy Unknown Cyberdrone 64px Enemy Vampire Bat Enemy Weevil Enemy Valkyroid
Brown Bug Decompiler Mimic Unnamed Cyberdrone Unnamed Ghost Knight Vampire Bat Weevil Valkyroid

Unused Monsters
Unused mobs are found in the source code and/or game files, but are not being used at this time. Can be seen to have their own trophies.
Unknown Enemy Brown Tortoise Enemy Flying Gumballer Enemy Giant Brown Tortoise Enemy Golden Sea Idol Enemy Ice Giant King Enemy Lolipop Lithurgist Enemy Radiant Guardian
Blue Headed Robot Brown Tortoise Flying Gumballer Giant Brown Tortoise Golden Sea Idol Ice Giant King Lolipop Lithurgist Radiant Guardian
Enemy Radiant Sentry Enemy Radiant Watcher Enemy Sharkhan Hunter Titan Shadow Hydrakken 64px Enemy Storm Dervish 64px Enemy Todstrom
Radiant Sentry Radiant Watcher Sharkhan Hunter Shadow Hydrakken Shadow Minion Storm Dervish The Dreadnaught Todstrom
Very Fishy
Hidden Monsters
Hidden monsters are found in the source code and/or game files, but have no known plans for usage.
64px 64px Enemy Avistrider Enemy Blood Captain Draco 64px Enemy Fuzzlin 64px 64px
Airmine Lobber Armored Hippo Avistrider Blood Captain Draco Flamethrower Fuzzlin Fuzzlin Knight Grapple Turret
64px 64px 64px 64px 64px 64px 64px 64px
Gravity Turret Greenfire Lobber Heckbug Hippo Jellyfish Lobber Machinegun Mine Lobber
64px Enemy Penguin Enemy Penguintrap 64px 64px Enemy Robostrider Enemy Robo-Warstrider 64px
Netgun Penguin Penguintrap Pinatahead Poisoncloud Lobber Robostrider Robo-Warstrider Rocket Turret
64px Enemy Shadow Hellbug Enemy Shadow Scythecrawler Enemy Shadow Stiltstitcher Enemy Shadow Tripod 64px Enemy Stegosaurus 64px
Scarecrow Shadow Hellbug Shadow Scythecrawler Shadow Stiltstitcher Shadow Tripod Soul Thief Stegosaurus Striketower Turret
Enemy Swamp Fly 64px 64px 64px
Swamp Fly Turret Turtle Whirlpool Lobber

Hidden Spawns
Hidden spawns are found in the source code and/or game files, but have no known plans for usage.
64px 64px 64px 64px
Dark Mushroom Spore Fire Dragon Egg Ice Dragon Egg Spider Eggsac

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