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Medieval Highlands

AKA Frigga's Fjord, Highlands Plains, Deep Forest
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Sub Biomes

Fledgling heroes underestimate the peaceful demeanor of this lush Biome. Its beautiful trees and vibrant flowers mask creatures that skulk behind every trunk and thicket. If you see or hear a mushroom with legs, prepare to flee or fight!

Element (R, G, B) # Color
Grass 071, 097, 000 476100
Dirt 049, 039, 025 312719
Stone 060, 057, 049 3c3931
Tree (Foliage, Red) 076, 007, 007 4c0707
Tree (Foliage, Green) 072, 100, 032 486420
Tree (Bark) 042, 037, 032 2a2520

Cyberian Tundra

AKA Robo Wastes, Dead of Winter, Desolate Landing Zone
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Sub Biomes

The Cyberian Tundra is so cold its denizens are incased in ice. At least, that’s what one grizzled explorer said who claims to have visited its frigid landscapes. Most think he’s crazy, though, because he said there were robots and spaceships, too.

Element (R, G, B) # Color
Snow 218, 232, 240 dae8f0
Ice 173, 222, 246 addef6
Rock 133, 138, 140 858a8c
Metal 093, 091, 104 5d5b68

Desert Frontier

AKA Abandoned Boneyard, Desert of Secrets
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Sub Biomes

It’s easy to lose your bearings in the vast Desert Frontier. The only landmarks for miles are remnants of ancient civilizations and massive bones of venerable creatures. Make sure to bring extra water and armor because if the giant scorpions and prickly cacti don’t get you the relentless sun will!

Element (R, G, B) # Color
Dirt 255, 74, 36 ff4a24
Rock 167, 89, 78 a7594e
Cave 130, 57, 46 82392e
Bone 247, 241, 230 f7f1e6
Wood (Structure, Light) 192, 177, 121 c0b179
Wood (Structure, Dark) 87, 57, 25 573919

Cursed Vale

CursedVale Preview
AKA Viking Burial Ground
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Mobs Cursed Vail,

Sub Biomes

When traveled adventurers hang up their swords they don’t build their retirement cottages in the Cursed Vale. The view isn’t terribly pleasant due to rancid murk and the wildlife is known as the wild death. Here is treasure, though!

Element (R, G, B) # Color
Grass 063, 072, 116 3f4874
Dirt 113, 108, 080 716c50
Rock 132, 129, 105 848169
Tree (Foliage) 094, 083, 123 5e537b
Tree (Bark) 071, 068, 079 47444f

Fae Wilds

AKA Uncanny Valley, Bewitching Wood, Spellbound Thicket
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Sub Biomes

The Fae Wilds biomes are home to the race known as Fae. These biomes are lush and mysterious, sporting various organic lifeforms that are not found elsewhere.

Travellers venturing into the Fae Wilds will experience a land of mystery and intrigue. The Dark Fae practice their rituals in dark and ominious mazes. Don't expect any help from the other inhabitants either, creatures like poisonous pitcher plants and dividing caterpillars make their home in the Fae Wilds.

Element (R, G, B) # Color
Grass 012, 051, 037 0c3325
Dirt 075, 056, 043 4b382b
Stone 067, 066, 061 43423d
Tree (Foliage) 044, 065, 057 2c4139
Tree (Bark) 054, 049, 044 36312c

Sea of Regret

The Sea of Regret is the ocean surrounding every world. Coming into contact with the ocean will harm the player, and can result in death. In this biome, there is only death and regret. Placing and breaking blocks is not allowed in this biome.

Dragonfire Peaks

The Volcanic Biome is the community voted Biome which will be released in the future along with the community voted class. Here be dragons!


The candy biome consists of hills and pools of chocolate.

Treasure Isles

This biome is almost entirely comprised of water, with Dungeons spotted around in the forms of islands and pirate ships. Merchants also reside in this biome, and will sell various items such as Sails, Soultraps, and Mounts.

Sky Realm

A realm of floating islands, only accessible through the sky portal. Only place to get radiant shards and cloud crystals. Here lives the Radiant Giants aka, Sky Giants, the only mob dropping Radiant-styles gear and Radiant Chaches.