See also: Biome Concepts and Biome Colors.
Biomes are the environment of a given world. The biome determines what the surface will look like, what plants will spawn there, what enemies will likely appear, and the Lairs and Dungeons. Each type of world will have their own assortment of biomes.
Lands of Learning Link The Abyss Link
Prime World

Peaceful Hills Link Medieval Highlands LinkThe Lost Isles Link Sea of Deep Regret LinkPermafrost Link Cursed Vale LinkDesert Frontier Link Fae Forest Link
Candoria Link Neon City LinkJurassic Jungle Link Dragonfire Peaks Link Forbidden Spires Link

Elemental Worlds

Drowned World Adventure Portal small Drowned World

The High Seas Link The Open Seas Link
Leafy Archipelago Link Haunted Isles Link
Magical Atoll Link Treasure Isles Link
Sea of Deep Regret Link

Cursed Skylands Adventure Portal small Cursed Skylands

The High Lands Link Cursed Islands Link
Radiant Ruins Link The Abyss Link

Igneous Islands Adventure Portal small Igneous Islands

The Lava Seas Link Lava Flows Link
Habanero Seas Link

Shadow Realm

Shadow Tower Link Shores of the Everdark Link

Sky Realm

Radiant Ruins Link

Removed Biomes

Sea of Tranquility Link

Unreleased Biomes