Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack
Blitz and glitz pack
Credit Icon 3,000

Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack is a costume pack released in the Blitz and Glitz Patch. It currently costs 3,000 Credits.


This pack includes the following:

Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack
Bee Trickster small Bee Trickster
Fae Trickster Costume by Rajeeb
F43 Trickster small F43 Trickster
Fae Trickster Costume by Leeon1234
Shadow's Disciple small Shadow's Disciple
Ice Sage Costume by FriedSushi
Heartbreaker small Heartbreaker
Gunslinger Costume by CloBunny
Dark Infineon small Dark Infineon
Candy Barbarian Costume by Screamheart
Sugar Skull small Sugar Skull
Candy Barbarian Costume by Astrick
Heartbleed small Heartbleed
Neon Ninja Costume by Astrick
Lunar Ronin small Lunar Ronin
Neon Ninja Costume by Thelgmo

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