Candorian Factory
2016-08-20 210200
Type Dungeon
Designer Unknown
Biome Candoria

The Candorian Factory is a dungeon that generates randomly in the Candoria biome. The dungeon consists of 2 structures, the factory and the Gingerbread castle attached to it.


The gingerbread castle acts as the entrance to the dungeon. The player may enter the main lobby from three sides. In the main lobby a staircase is found leading to an observation platform. In one of the corners of the observation platform a small staircase leads to the roof of the gingerbread castle. The lobby is decorated with desks lined with candy themed decorations and in the middle a miniboss may be present. The roof of the gingerbread castle also can have a miniboss.

In the observation platform the entrance to the factory component of the structure is found. The factory consists of an artificial candoria biome with a small chocolate river running through the middle which fed by several small chocolate waterfalls. A blue path goes over the river and goes towards a drainage pipe in the chocolate river. A miniboss may be found near the path right before the drainage pipe.

After dropping down the drainage pipe the player goes through a series of four rooms. These four rooms are connected to each other by a small descending or ascending staircase and the four rooms differ from dungeon to dungeon.

The 4 rooms can be four of the following

  • "Paint can room": Consists of several paint cans of different colors above lava. The player has to jump from can to can to reach the exit.
  • "Chocolate spiral": Consists of a spiral above a floor of chocolate. The player must navigate the spiral while avoiding traps and enemies to reach the exit. If they fall they must climb up a staircase and restart.
  • "Jump-pad hallway": A large hallway consisting of horizontal jump pads which the player can use to reach the exit.
  • "Cookie room": A large room consisting of a cookie dough roller along with several lumps of cookie dough and several ones flattened. A miniboss may be found below the roller.
  • "Spike hallway": A large hallway consisting of spikes and horizontal jump pads. Several rows of jump-pads are located before several rows of spikes. The player may use the jump-pads to avoid the spikes.
  • "Lava spiral": Consists of two "bridges" over a spiral of lava and chocolate. The bridges must be navigated by the player.
  • "Bubble gum room": A large room consisting of bubble gum (or some other pink candy) sporadically placed around the room. In the center a small platform is present which may have a miniboss.
  • "The machine": A room consisting of a large open space in front of a large machine (Microwave?). A miniboss may be located in either the large open space or in the machine itself.

After the 4th room the player enters an air vent. The player then can drop down into a gigantic office. The office room consists of several desks and chairs and a miniboss may be located in the middle. Near the top right corner of the room their is a door which leads to the supervisors office. A miniboss may also be located here.

In the supervisors office the player has to break the glass and enter the boss room. The boss room is enormous but mostly empty. A map and several storage cupboards are found on the wall.


  • When approaching the dungeon the player should first check the main lobby, factory and roof for a miniboss.
    • If two of those places have a miniboss then go down the drainage pipe and bomb straight down until you reach the Air vent. The player then can drop down into the office and go into the boss room thus skipping the four random rooms.
    • If one miniboss was found in either of those places the player can drop down the drainage pipe and see if any new quest objective appears on the upper right. If their is a new objective then bomb straight down until you reach the office room and the second miniboss will be located their or in the supervisors office.
  • For players without wings or a large amount of jumps this dungeon can be quite challenging and should best be avoided if possible.
  • The player may also bomb through the factory ceiling glass to enter the dungeon.


Enemy Regular Spawn Miniboss Dungeon Boss
Enemy Gingerbread Cultist Gingerbread Cultist Yes
Enemy Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Yes
Enemy Gummy Worm Gummy Worm Yes
Enemy Muffin Tough Muffin Tough Yes
Enemy Soft Serf Soft Serf Yes
Enemy Sundae Cenobite Sundae Cenobite Yes
Enemy Muffin Maker Muffin Maker Yes
Enemy Licorice Lasher Licorice Lasher Yes
Enemy Pound Cake Pound Cake Yes
Enemy Cupcake Caliph Cupcake Caliph Yes