Carnaval Coaster

Carnaval Coaster

Carnival Coaster In-Game

Category Mag Rider
Group Promo
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Party on until the break of dawn.
— Item Description

The Carnaval Coaster is a special type of mag rider that is exclusive only to players who participated in Brazilian Translation event. Developers asked players to help out in translating the game into Brazilian and/or Portuguese and in return give Brazilian themed items. This item will be available for all players in the future.

Not only can be ridden on mag rails, but it allows the player's character to endlessly Dance as it plays a special tune. This item is similar to the Dance Pad, Metalhead, and Personal Pop Parade but plays Brazilian themed music.

Carnival Coster music

Theme when riding the Mag Rider.
Carnival Coster music special

Dino Tamer spesific special theme.


  • When using the Dino Tamer, the mag rider will play a unique song as the player moves around on the Mag Rider that is unlike the regular song that is played between the rest of the class characters.