Celestial Champion
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$99,99 USD
Sublime design meets the sublimest power in this divine pack.

Achieve enlightenment with this unmatched treasure trove: a Cygnus-01 Speedcycle mount, 10 random new mounts, a Shield Servitor ally, a Chaotic Clipper and Chaotic Cruiser ship with Frost Fae and Inner Sea sails, 30 days of Patron, 10 Inventory Expanders, 150 Dragon Coins, and 10,000 Credits.
100 Patron Points
— Trove Store Description

Celestial Champion is a item pack that gives players a start to their adventure with a celestial theme. It currently costs $99.99 USD and includes mounts, boats, sails, an ally, patron pass, consumable items, dragon coins and credits.


This pack includes the following: