By pressing the "Enter" button, players can open up a text box where they can write messages to other players in the game. After typing a message and pressing "Enter" again, others will be able to read it.

For non-communication chat options, see Commands.


Chat has many different channels players can use to communicate.

  • /1 global chat is used to communicate with all players across Trove (players are still divided into channels which are not shown)
  • /2 world chat is seen only by people in your current World
  • /c# is used to chat with other members of clubs, with the # corresponding to the club's number in the player's roster. Players can press "P" to open their club roster. There are up to 5 club chats, but a 6th club chat can be shown if a player left a club with 5 clubs, but then joined another one (unknown if there can be more).
  • /whisper playername or /w playername will send a private message to a player that only they can read
  • /say or /s can be used to speak to only the people in close proximity in the world
  • /reply or /r will automatically create a reply to the person who last sent the player a message

Certain channels can only be accessed by entering /join channelname and pressing enter. These include trade, pricesa, st, sky, fishing, recipe, and adventure.


Hitting TAB while in the chat box will cycle through the names of people the player has been chatting with to make replying to messages easier.

Using the UP ARROW in the chat box will bring up previously typed messages in reverse sent order.


Each chat number has its own color.


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