Chronomancer Qubesly

Chronomancer Qubesly

Chronomancer Qubesly

Category Ally
Type Qubesly
Rarity Rarity rare
Stat 1 + 20% Magic Damage
Stat 2 + 25% Cooldown Reduction
Item ID

A manipulator of space and time from realms beyond moral and ken.
— Item Tooltip

Chronomancer Qubesly is a rare ally drop from opening Qubesly Soultraps.

Chronomancer is highly recommended with Magic Damage classes (Ice Sage, Dracolyte, Fae Trickster, Tomb Raiser, Chloromancer) because of its increased damage output and cooldown reduction. The cooldown reduction is extremely useful for reducing the time players have to wait between using their Ultimate (2) attack.

Paired with the Arcane Emblem and Chronomatic Emblem will severely increase your magic damage and decrease your cooldown wait.

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