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Not to be confused with the Starter Class Coin.
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Class Coin

Class Coin

Class Coin Non-tradable

Category Classes
Type Unlocker
Item ID

Use to unlock a class for free.
— Item Tooltip

Class Coins are items that can be used to instantly unlock a single class of your choice that you do not already own. They can be obtained from certain packs in the Store.

Non-tradable class coins can be Loot Collected to receive a Major Experience Coin.

Starter Class Coins are similar items obtained from Mastery and Refer-A-Friend, but are more restricted.

The Chaos Core Crafter can be used as an alternative to earn classes.


  • During the early beta stages of the game, players when starting the game were given one for free, however after Patch - 6/9/15, new players will no longer start with a non-tradable class coin.

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