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Class Gem

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Gem class gunslinger

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Gem class candybarbarian

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Category Equipment
Type Gem
Group Empowered
Item ID

Class Gems are a type of equipable gear that come in various colors and set stats that help empower player's classes. These Gems can only be obtained by using a Class Gem Key at the Shores of the Everdark. Once players have a Class Gem Key, they have to take it to the shadow elemental world, the Shores of the Everdark. Players must survive an entire wave of shadow invaders at the Shadow Colosseum in order for a chest to spawn where players can use the key to drop a class gem that corresponds to the class they currently have. Elemental type will be randomly chosen, but stat values will be assigned according to the class (e.g. magic classes will not receive physical damage, and physical classes will not receive magic damage as a stat for the class gem).

Empowered Gem Abilities


Class Gem Knight
Spirit Squire
DAMAGE: 4.5 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 6 Blocks
Spirit Squire
Charge no longer propels you forward. Instead, a Spirit Squire charges forward through multiple enemies, dealing damage and stunning them.

• Shoots a Projectile Charge that can pierce multiple enemies.

• deal area of effect 4x11x5 (arrow shape) damage around the target.

• Stuns enemies for 1 second.

• Capable of destroying blocks


Class Gem Gunslinger
DAMAGE: 4 x Magic Damage

RANGE: 20 Blocks
COOLDOWN: 20 Seconds
DURATION: 10 Seconds
Run and Gun no longer increases your attack speed, but all shots fired are max charged shots.

• Replaces "Run and Gun" ability

• Changes shots into Charged attacks.

• Increases movement speed by 20.

• Attack Speed is lowered while using Run and Gun with this class gem.

BUG: Removes the floating effect when in mid-air.

Fae Trickster

Class Gem Fae Trickster
Faerocious Facsimile
DAMAGE: 3 x Magic Damage

RANGE: 10 Blocks
DURATION: 4 Seconds
Faerocious Facsimile
Blink decoys are no longer immobile; they close on enemies and explode on contact, dealing damage and stunning enemies.

• Replaces Blink ability.

• Makes decoys run towards enemies rather than staying immobile.

• Deals explosive AoE damage once it gets into contact with enemies.

• Decoys have limited health, multiple enemies will whittle down decoys faster

• Decoys are subject to gravity and will fall downwards until coming into contact with a block if cast in the air

• Decoys will follow the player if there are no enemies around.

Class Gem Fae Trickster
Fae-go my Ego

COOLDOWN: 2 Seconds
DURATION: Infinite*
Fae-go my Ego
If the Trickster has taken no damage for two seconds, their basic attacks deals bonus damage.

• Augments Ego Blast

• Take an additional hit before Ego Blast passive deactivates.

• *Once player takes damage twice, players must wait for a cooldown for the passive to activate again.


Class Gem Dracolyte
Burning Ward
DAMAGE: 4.5 x Magic Damage

RANGE: 3 Blocks
COOLDOWN: 1 Second
DURATION: 15 seconds
Burning Ward
When a Burnt Offering detonates, it has a chance to spawn a mini Dracolyte minion that attacks enemies for a brief duration.

• Replaces "Burnt Offering" ability.

• Spawns a bomb like object that despawns if not detonated

• Can be precast to add initial burst damage to the start of enemy waves or boss adds

• AOE 7x7 (no edge) dealing damage to nearby enemies.

• 25% Chance to spawn a Avatar of Flame minion that attacks other enemies.

• Health diminishes over time and will be killed in 15 seconds of left alone or takes no damage.

• Minion does same amount of damage as Dracolyte's Avatar of Flame ability.

Neon Ninja

Class Gem Neon Ninja
Heuristic Hackstar
DAMAGE: 2.5 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 10 Blocks
DURATION: 3 Seconds
Heuristic Hackstar
Empowered Gem replaces the normal shuriken with a massive buzzsaw that passes through enemies, damaging every enemy in its path and applying Stasis Blade.

• Replaces Shining Star passive ability.

• Replaces smaller shurikens with one giant shuriken that can pass through enemies.

• The giant shuriken will become bigger and stronger with more successful hits prior to using this ability.

• Can stack up to 3 times.

• Damage scales to the amount of times the ability is stacked (2.5 x PD for a stack of 1, 4.5 x PD for a stack of 2, and 9.5 x PD for a stack of 3).

• Enemies that come into contact will have the Stasis Blade effect (much like the ability of the same name).

• The shuriken are automatically thrown regardless of quantity as the first attack out of stealth.

• To avoid throwing shuriken, wait for stealth to run out or use Stasis Blade.

• Crit Dmg At 3 Stacks = (CD x 2.5) + 100

Candy Barbarian

Class Gem Candy Barbarian
Scoop n' Gloop
DAMAGE: 4.5 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 5 Block Radius (360°)
DURATION: 2 Seconds
Scoop n' Gloop
Sugar Crush now leaps straight up and crashes down, vacuuming enemies toward you and applying a brief snare.

• Replaces "Sugar Crash" ability

• Leaps straight up 4 Blocks instead of across.

• Can pull enemies towards the player 3-4 Blocks away from the player.

• Enemies are dragged with the player's location, knocking up the same distance and slamming down in succession.

• Drops sour candy per each enemy hit

• Deals AoE damage to any nearby enemy after contact to the ground.

Ice Sage

Class Gem Ice Sage
Pain Freeze
DAMAGE: 4 x Magic Damage

RANGE: 75 Blocks
Pain Freeze
Ice Crash now fires a fan of icicle projectiles, which apply a stacking snare. When an icicle hits an enemy with a full stack of snare effects, it spawns a nova of ice shards from the enemy.

• Replaces "Ice Crash" ability.

• Shoots 3 ice projectiles in front

• Hitting an enemy will give a debuff that gives a 35% chance (75% if defeated) to spawn a ring of projectiles around the enemy that damages other enemies.

• Debuff does not stack nor does it refresh when applied again if already active.

• Also applies a snare debuff where the enemy cannot move until the debuff wears off.

Shadow Hunter

Class Gem Shadow Hunter
Shadow Blitz
DAMAGE: 1 x Physical Damage (per arrow)

RANGE: 40 Blocks
Styles Bow Gem
Basic attack becomes a rapid-fire stream of arrows. Dealing damage to a shadow-marked enemy consumes the mark and triggers an explosion.

• Replaces existing Basic Attack.

• ShadowBlitz grants you x 5 bonus attack speed when you shoot arrows, but this bonus attack speed doesn't change the Shadow Hunter's fire rate.

• Enemies that are shadow-marked will also cause a 3x3 AOE explosion that deals damage to nearby enemies when the mark is diminished.

• Shadow Marks can now be set off by the basic attack.

• The AoE damage on normal Basic Attacks is removed.

• Note: Costumes do not change the Blue color of the arrow (Purely Cosmetic)

Pirate Captain

Class Gem Pirate Captain
DAMAGE: 5 x Magic Damage

DURATION: 10 seconds
First Mate becomes ARR-tillery, Allowing an additional First mate turret to be deployed

• Throw a small cannon manned by your parrot friend to fire at enemies

• The cannon has three stages, the first will be when you throw it down

• When you collect enough doubloons, the turret will upgrade and do more damage

• When you collect enough doubloons after that, it will double in attack speed value

• Attack speed is not affected by the players attack speed

• Can only summon up to two at a time

• Will not trigger Plunderbuss

• Both Turrets will upgrade from the same Doubloons


Class Gem Boomeranger
DAMAGE: 5 x Physical Damage

COOLDOWN: 20 Seconds
Big Bomb becomes a Bawk-Bomb. It still sticks to surfaces and explodes in the same area, but also spawns several chickens that attack enemies for a brief duration.

• Spawns up to 3 chickens per bomb (deals 2 x PD per chicken).

• Chickens can stay on the field for 8 seconds until they despawn.

• Catching the boomerang will shave off about six or seven seconds.

• throws a large bomb which sticks to a surface, explodes after 2.5-3 secs.

• Can stick on to walls, ceilings, and inside blocks. Will stay suspended in midair if it hits an enemy directly.

• Has a blast radius of 6x6 (no edges) and will only affect blocks above it and to its side.

• WARNING: Destroys blocks very easily.

• Extremely good for mining. If you find an ore vein, try to find the bottom center point --veins of ore are about 5x5x5 in size--, if you throw the bomb there then you should clear out the entire vein with just that one bomb.

Tomb Raiser

Class Gem Tomb Raiser
Beckon Banshee
DAMAGE: 1.25 x Magic Damage

DURATION: 16 seconds (minion)
Beckon Banshee
Banshee's Boon no longer swaps your basic attack, instead it spawns a banshee minion that heals all of your other nearby minions.

• Buffs "Banshee's Boon" Ability

• Spawns a Banshee minion that heals nearby Bonetourage minions.

• Heals minions at a faster rate than the basic attack.

• Beckon Banshee still retains the Ghost mode ability from "Banshee's Boon".

• Changes basic attack from a laser to a AoE shock wave around the player.

• Damage taken is reduced by 75% while in this mode.

• While in this mode, players can heal allies more than basic attack within the area effect.

• The amount of time while in ghost mode depends on the amount of energy the user has.

• Players can recover their energy using the Zealous Emblem to make it last longer.

Lunar Lancer

Class Gem Lunar Lancer
Shadow Lancer
DAMAGE: 2.5 x Physical Damage

Shadow Lancer
Lunacy also spawns a dark shadow version of you that attacks enemies.

• Modifies "Lunacy" Passive Ability

• Spawns a clone of your character when Lunacy mode activates.

• Clone lasts only 25 seconds if not damaged.

• Very low health.


Class Gem Revenant
Aegis Assault
DAMAGE: ≈7.5 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 4 Blocks
COOLDOWN: 1 Second
Aegis Assault
Bulwark Bash loses its cooldown and applies a stacking damage-over-time effect to damaged enemies.

• Replaces Bulwark Bash ability.

• Damages enemies in a cone in front of the Revenant.

• Applies a DoT bleeding effect to enemies that come into contact.

• Bleeding effect stacks up to 3 times.

• Bleeding effect deals damage once every second.

• Damage-over-time scales based on how many times it is stacked on the enemy (0.33 x PD for a stack of 1, 0.49 x PD for a stack of 2, and 0.66 x PD for a stack of 3)

• Cooldown is reduced to the time that it takes to perform the ability (1 second).


Class Gem Chloromancer
Green Gatling
DAMAGE: ?? x Magic Damage

RANGE: 8 Blocks
Green Gatling
Spawning a Leafy Lasher or Blooming Pollinator has a chance to spawn a Green Gatling. It grows very quickly and unleashes a rapid stream of projectiles at enemies.

• Spawning any Leafy Lashers and/or Blooming Pollinators has a chance to spawn a small cactus turret that rapidly shoots projectiles at enemies.

Dino Tamer

Class Gem Dino Tamer
Hunting Dart
DAMAGE: 100% of Magic Damage per Shot


Styles Gun Gem
Changes the Hunting Dart from one dart to three.

• Replaces existing Basic Attack.

• Allows the player to shoot 3 darts instead of 1.

Currently Unobtainable

Class Gem Dino Tamer
Dino Time
DAMAGE: 250% of Magic Damage

RANGE: 27 Blocks
COOLDOWN: 40 Seconds
DURATION: 24 Seconds
Dino Time
Increases the duration of the ultimate ability, 'Summon Dino Mount.' Increases the attack speed of the ultimate ability, 'Acid Spit Projectile.'

• Improves the Dino Mount ability.

• increases duration by 12 Seconds.

• increases base Attack Speed by 25%.

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