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Class Gem

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Category Equipment
Type Gem
Group Empowered
Item ID

Class Gems are a variant of Empowered Gem that modify one of a certain class's abilities, depending on the class.

They can be obtained by completing a Shadow Colosseum dungeon in the Shores of the Everdark world, then using a Class Gem Key on the Everdark Vault that spawns; the vault will drop a Class Gem matching the class that the player has equipped when opening the vault. Players must have enough Power Rank to enter the world on the class they use to open the vault to receive the gem.

Class Gems are always Stellar rarity. Like other gems, their element and stat values are randomized; however, classes cannot receive a damage type that they do not use (Physical Damage classes cannot receive a Class Gem with Magic Damage, and vice versa).

Class Gem Abilities









Hero's Mantle
Weapon: Fist
Every third Styles Fist Melee Basic Attack and every fourth Styles Fist Ranged Basic Attack reduces ability cooldowns by ??s.
Class Gem Vanguardian

Dino Tamer

Never released on live servers
Hunting Dart
Weapon: Gun
Your Styles Gun Basic Attack shoots 3 darts instead of 1.
Class Gem Dino Tamer
Dino Time
Dino Time
Increases the duration and attack speed of Dino Mount Dino Mount.
attack speed: +25%
Duration: +100%
Class Gem Dino Tamer


Green Gatling
RANGE: 8 Blocks
Green Gatling
Modifies Phytobarrier Phytobarrier to have an 8% chance of spawning a Green Gatling* when using Leafy Lasher Leafy Lasher or Blooming Pollinator Blooming Pollinator. It grows very quickly and unleashes a rapid stream of projectiles at enemies.
Class Gem Chloromancer
• *based on a sample size of 200+.
• The Green Gatling unloads a barrage of 10 shots at the nearest enemy, with each shot dealing 2 hits. It then takes a break for 1s and unloads another barrage before disappearing.
• Already spawns when only holding one of the abilities, not when throwing them.
Sow Chaos Sow Chaos does not trigger this ability.

Lunar Lancer

Shadow Lancer
Shadow Lancer
Lunacy Lunacy also spawns a dark shadow version of yourself that attacks enemies.
Lasts for 25s or until it dies.
Class Gem Lunar Lancer
• Clone has very little health.
• Can be healed by Chloromancers Styles Staff Basic Attack and Blooming Pollinator Blooming Pollinator.


Aegis Assault
Aegis Assault
Bulwark Bash Bulwark Bash loses its cooldown and applies a stacking DoT effect which deals ??% PD per ??.
Class Gem Revenant
• The first hit adds 2 stacks of the DoT debuff to enemies.
• Every subsequent hit adds another stack, up to a maximum of 5 and refreshes the effect's duration.
• If the maximum number of stacks is reached, a new DoT effect is created while the previous one still ticks. Upon creation of a new DoT, the first tick is missed.
• The DoT does not trigger Vengeful Spirits Vengeful Spirits' healing.

Tomb Raiser

Beckon Banshee
Beckon Banshee
Banshee's Boon Banshee's Boon also summons a banshee that heals your other minions and damages enemies.
Class Gem Tomb Raiser
• Heals minions at a faster rate than the Styles Staff Basic Attack.
• You can not heal the banshee.


DAMAGE: 200-300% PD
Big Bomb Big Bomb also spawns 3 chickens that attack nearby enemies.
Class Gem Boomeranger


Burning Ward
Burning Ward
When a Burnt Offering Burnt Offering detonates, it also spawns a mini Dracolyte minion that attacks enemies for a brief duration.
Class Gem Dracolyte
• Minions' health diminishes over time and will be killed in 13s if they receive no damage or healing.
• Minions each have the same damage and attack rate as the Dracolyte's basic attack.
• Can be healed by Chloromancers Styles Staff Basic Attack and Blooming Pollinator Blooming Pollinator.


Cooldown 40s
Energy Cost 50
Run and Gun Run and Gun no longer increases your attack speed, but all shots fired are fully charged Charge Shot Charge Shots.
Class Gem Gunslinger

Neon Ninja

Heuristic Haxstar
Heuristic Haxstar
Shurikens from Shining Star Shining Star are replaced with a massive buzzsaw that pierces enemies and applies Stasis Blade Stasis Blade's root.

1 Stack = 250% PD
2 Stacks = 450% PD
3 Stacks = 950% PD.
Class Gem Neon Ninja
• Crit Dmg At 3 Stacks = (Crit Dmg x 2.5) + 100

Candy Barbarian

Scoop n' Gloop
Energy Cost ??
Scoop n' Gloop
Sugar Crash Sugar Crash now leaps 4 blocks straight up and crashes down, dealing AoE damage, vacuuming enemies within 3-4 blocks toward you, and applying a brief snare.
Class Gem Candy Barbarian
• Enemies are dragged with the player's location, knocking up the same distance and slamming down in succession.
• Drops Gum Drops per each enemy hit.
• The appearance is similar to that of splashing milk

Fae Trickster

Fae-go my Ego
Cooldown 2s
Fae-go my Ego
The Fae Trickster is able to take an aditional hit before Ego Blast Ego Blast's bonus damage is lost. Refreshes after 2s of not taking damage.
Class Gem Fae Trickster
Retired: New Faerocious Facsimile gems cannot be obtained, however existing copies will work as normal.
Faerocious Facsimile
Cooldown ??s
Energy Cost ??
Faerocious Facsimile
Blink Blink decoys are no longer immobile; they close in on enemies and explode on contact, dealing damage and stunning.
Homing Range: 10 Blocks
Stun Duration: ??
Class Gem Fae Trickster
• Deals explosive AoE damage on contact with an enemy.
• Decoys will follow the player if there are no enemies around.

Shadow Hunter

Shadow Blitz
DAMAGE: 100% PD (per arrow)
ATTACK RATE: 12 Attacks/sec
Weapon: Bow
Styles Bow Basic Attack becomes a rapid-fire stream of arrows. Dealing damage to a shadow-marked enemy consumes the mark and triggers an explosion (3x3).
Class Gem Shadow Hunter
Styles Bow Gem Shadow Blitz grants 5x bonus attack speed when shooting arrows.
• Attack Speed coming from equipment does NOT affect this class gem ability, as it exceeds the 300% attack speed cap.
• Costumes do not change the color of the arrow (purely cosmetic).

Ice Sage

Pain Freeze
Pain Freeze
In addition to Coldhearted Coldhearted's effects, the first Styles Staff Basic Attack against an enemy freezes the target for 1s and enemies hit by 3 Basic Attacks explode.
Class Gem Ice Sage

Pirate Captain

Allows First Mate First Mate to deplay an additional turret.
Both turrets will upgrade from the same Doubloons.
Class Gem Pirate Captain


Spirit Squire
Energy Cost 40
RANGE: 9 Blocks
Spirit Squire
Charge Charge no longer propels you forward. Instead, a Spirit Squire charges forward through multiple enemies, dealing damage and stunning them for 1s.
Class Gem Knight
• Deal area of effect 4x11x5 (arrow shape) damage around the target.