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Hello! This is one of the Class Suggestions pages! To see the other one, which provides long descriptions, click here.

If you have an idea for a new class, or want to suggest an improvement to one that already exists, make a summary, or small description to it here. If you'd like to make a longer description of your idea, head over to the Class suggestions page to add it there.

Gun Class

I think Trove should have another gun class since there is only 2 gun class, 3 mage classes and 4 melee classes.


Healer Class

A healer would definitely be nice on the battlefield, even though candy barb is out.


Healer Class

Healer with a basic magic attack (LMB), an area affect group heal, similar to the lunar lancer's ultimate ability (RMB), and an ultimate that will provide invincibility, healing and a speed boost to all Trovians within a large area.

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