Description: a dwarf from the far forgotten underground kingdom, when the shadows began to invade he fled to the surface to find them and finish them off

Biome: Underlands

Weapon type: Spades/shovels

Normal attack [m1]: Shovel slap "he swings his shovel to slap his foes"

When swinging his shovel he dose damage in the exact same pattern as boomeranger but without the spin

Secondary [m2]: Block throw "its a bird its a plane, no its a block coming for your face"

Hitting the ground a block is flung upwards then he slaps it making it fly forward at massive speeds

Special [1]: Burrow "Dig dig dig dig dig"

He digs a burrow underground then pops out of it where ever he ends he also places a mine

Ultimate [2]: Dirt wall "The mighty dirt wall blocks all from a far, just don't hit it with a sword"

He shoves his shovel In the ground and a curved dirt wall pops up that is invincible to ranged but not melee the blocks will get destroyed after the wall has been hit enough times with Melee

Subclass: Gives the chance for dodge to spawn a mine +35 lasermancy

Made by DiamondDubzz

Far Shooter

There are two Class Suggestions pages. The other one, which focuses on brief descriptions, is found Here Far Shooter(Female)

Weapon : Sniper(Far range weapons)

Class Description : Gunslinger's cousin, use to be a guardian of a old castle but sadly fail to protect the ones ho lived in it when the dark shadow lord came and took over the kings mind filled it with hate and evil and made the king into a monster. Has an ability to shoot explosive bullets!


Normal attack : Shoots 1 bullet that can travel far distances

Passive : Aqua Capability : Regenerate health and energy twice (may vary, but for me, it's better if it's only 50% faster for balancing) as fast when in water, also they can attack in water without attack speed penalty.


Right Click : Explosive bullets : Shoot 3 bullets that explodes on impact, enemies around it will receive damage from the explosion.

Note : Explodes in 1 second when no one is shot by the bullet(s)

Range : 20 blocks

Damage : 1 hit of 1.5 to 3 x Psychical Damage

Cooldown :may vary, 4-10 seconds suggestion


Ability 1 : Bag of bombs: You throw a bag of bombs, it damages anything that is in range of the explosion, knocks enemies 2 blocks away from the explosion (expect the one in the middle) and mini-stuns (0.5 second) enemies in range.

How it looks : Imagine a bag of granades then throw it at a group of enemies it will launch them all over the place.

Range : 1x4x1 straight

Damage : 4 Hits of 1.5 to 1.75 x Psysical Damage

Cooldown : may vary, 9 to 11 seconds

O- - - -

O stands for character

- stands for the range

Ability 1 (Enhanced) : Big bomb : the radius of the explosion is 2 times larger the and the stun now does (0.75 to 3 seconds)

and drains life (5% of total damage, may vary)

Range : 2x4x2 straight


O stands for character

= stands for the range

Damage : 5 Hits of 1.75 to 2 x Psysical Damage

Cooldown : Also the same.

Note : I made this to balance the class as it passive will be rarely used.


Ultimate : Wrath of Sea : Creates a massive tsunami wave from a ancient water jar that damages and slows enemies.

Range : 5x5x2         

Slow Duration : 5 seconds, may vary.  


Actual Range : P OOOOO


P is player

O is Ultimate Range

Damage : 8 Hits of 1.9 x Psysical Damage.

Cooldown : 32 seconds



Skywatcher == Weapon Type - Bow


The skywatcher's are heroes of the sky realm, hunting dark hearts and destroying them, stopping sky pirates and masters at marksmanship

Basic attack


Depending on attack charge its between 1x and 2x physical damage

you can hold the attack button to charge up your shot, up to ten seconds

Takes one second to fire and up to 10 seconds to charge



when you hit enemies with your base attack, missing removes them all, you gain a sky-chi charge, if you generate ten charges your next basic attack is instantly fully charged

Alternative attack


The skywatcher jumps in the air and freezes up there, and shoots ten arrows dealing 1.1x basic attack damage to the mouse cursor over three seconds, and before landing shoots an arrow downwards that explodes dealing 1.4x basic attack damage (AOE)

40 energy

Cooldown : 10 seconds

Ability 1


Shoots three arrows in a triange, bouncing off the first three blocks it hits, if it doesnt hit an enemy, it explodes on the fourth block it hits, dealing damage of a formula of

(1 - tiles away from explosion (each tile is .1, max 5 tiles away)) basic ability damage

if it hits an enemy it deals 1.5x basic ability damage

Cd - 5 seconds

25 energy


Watcher's wrath

The watcher goes into a state where all of his basic attacks deal damage on a formula of Basic attack damage x (1 + Sky-chi charges %10) and cannot be charged up. All abilities have no cooldown and take no energy, and volly shoots the 10 arrows and the explosive arrow in 1 second, from the ground, and richochet arrows are twice as damaging, at the end of this, the watcher shoots a modified explosive arrow that has no damage decay and deals damage in 15 tiles near where it lands

10 second duration

40 second cooldown (50 including time in watchers wrath form)

100 energy


100 max energy

5 energy regen

200 physical attack

40 speed

200 max health

20 health regen

1% crit hit

50% critical damage

20 magic find

5 stability

20 lazermancy

3 jump


The skywatcher would have golden clothes with purple crystal like blocks every now and then, the default bow would be golden with crystals sticking out of it

Made by lillildipsy


Weapon Type - Spear

Basic Attack

WEAPON: Spear | DAMAGE: 1.5 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 4 Blocks  | ATTACK RATE: 1.25 | AOE : 3 blocks

Cuts the opponent in a wide slash.

Secondary Attack : Spear Fling

WEAPON: Spear | DAMAGE: 1.25 x Physical Damage

RANGE: 20 Blocks  | ATTACK RATE: 1.5

Throws the spear at an enemy.

Ability 1: Lope

The Caveman retraces his evolution, and goes on all fours. While the Caveman is in this form, he does 4x damage and has 25% higher movement speed, though his spear ten block range, and he can’t jump.

Ultimate: Tribal Chant

The Caveman chants, and strengthens his abilities. Sprouting antlers and growing a furry tail, he now has 200% stability, 150% movement speed, and does 300% attack damage. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Passive: Evolution

When the Caveman has defeated (class level x 3) enemies, he evolves getting a 20% greater experience gain for the next five minutes.

Bomb King

The Bomb King is a class specialized in explosive attacks, and comes from the lands of the Boom Wilderness.


Basic: Explodes 5 blocks around the character.

Right-click- Bomb: Throws a bomb that explodes a three-block radius.

Ability 1- Explosive Roll: Rolls ten blocks forward, exploding everything within three blocks of it.

Ultimate- Out with a Bang: Turns into a bomb with health. Once health is depleted, it explodes everything in a ten block radius.

Passive- Nuclear Radiation: 25% chance that enemies slowly lose health when hit.


The Technomancer is a class specialized in Robots and Guns, and comes from the lands of Technopolis, a steampunk-like biome.


Ability1 (Bullets'n'Rockets): Fire a bullet, and have 5% of firing a rocket that does 2x the damage of a normal bullet. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

Ability2 (Robotic Disaster): Throw a little turret, that fires every 0.3 seconds automatically at the enemy and does the same amount of damages as you, but lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown: 3 seconds

Ability3 (Rockets Armageddon): Fire 3 to 6 rockets that follows the enemy, but this time, each rockets do 1.5x of the damage of a normal bullet. Cooldown: 20 seconds

Ultimate Ability (Big Daddy): Summon a giant robot to help you ! It does Magic Damages. Every 3 seconds, he fires 2 rockets that follows the enemy that do 175% of your Magic Damages. He will be targeted by every enemies in a small zone. He'll defend himself using his arms that does as much damages as you do, and will focus the enemy with the most health. He lasts 15 seconds, and disappear. Cooldown: 120 seconds


The Technomancer has steampunk clothes. He has a steampunk hat with a cog on it, a large jacket.

By Zirhaw~ (Ziraw) and Burning, who gave me this idea.

Jelly Buddy

The Jelly Buddy is a ranged class specialized in Candies and Bows. He fights his opponents with tons of sugar, like the Candy Barbarian.


Passive: He doesn't need Energy, he need Jelly Charges to use his abilities, with a maximum of 10 charges. He can generates these charges when he use his 1st ability, or when he get hit.

Left Mouse Button: Shoot a classic candy arrow, have a 10% chance to slow the enemy. The range and the attack speed rise with this ability everytime he slows an enemy. it also gives you 2 Jelly Charges

Right Mouse Button: Throw a jar of Jelly Belly that explode and scatter into little Jelly Belly, doing at the first time 3x of a classic attack and doing 1,5x of a classic attack for every Jelly Belly in the Jar (Consume 1 Jelly Charge) (Cooldown 3 seconds)

3rd ability: Summon a Cotton Candy Cloud that does 0,4x your basic attack damages every 0,2 seconds, for 5 seconds, it will stay above the enemies and will grow and stay more longer everytime it kill an enemy ( Maximum damages multiplicator 0,8 for the maximum size) (Cost 4  Jelly Charges) (Cooldown 15 seconds)

Ultimate: Summon a GJB (Giant Jelly Bear), it can't fight, but when you or your teammates hit it, it will heal 20% of their actual HP. It will also increase ALL type of damages for the next 8 seconds. (This Bear can take 10hits before he disappear) (Consume 6  Jelly Charges) (60 seconds)

Mirror Master

The Mirror Master is a ranged class with Wands and Magic. He can manipulate the world with his own tricks


Passive (You will be mine) : When he get hit, he has a 5% chance to summon a Flying Mirror. When he has 3 Flying Mirrors, his next classic attack will stun the enemy for 2 seconds and will summon a copy of it. It lasts 10 seconds. (doesn't work on Shadow Tower Bosses)

Left Mouse Button: Classic attack, when it hit a mirror, the attack is reflected and do 1,2x of your basic attack damages.

Right Mouse Button (Shiny Blink) : Summon a Mirror, when 2 mirrors are in place, he can go through them and teleport (They can be use 3 times only) (3 seconds cooldown after the First Mirror, you have to wait the mirrors destruction before summoning another one)

3rd ability (Reflected Twin) : Summon a copy of yourself to fight for your side. The clone as taunts, he will always be focused first. When he got destroyed, it heals you for 50% of your actual HP (Cooldown: 20seconds after the Clone destruction)

Ultimate (Never trust a guy behind a mirror): Become the master of Mirrors and a horror for 15 seconds, all of your spells are more powerful, your classic attack deals more damages when it hit a mirror, and your move speed is increased. Also, you become a reflecting damages thing, you can reflect 20% of incoming damages (Cooldown: 100 seconds)

Solar Brawler

It would be a class specialized in melee. You could add a knuckle weapon to it, or you could give it a high physical damage multipier to begin with and make it attack without a weapon by using physical damage from equipment.


  1. Power punch. basically what someof the bosses who have fists do,when they charge up a punch and do a lot of damage
  2. Fire fist. a quick punch, which creates a burst of flames, that sets enemies on fire and does damage.
  3. Ultimate: Fists of fury. the Solar Brawler punches at an extreme speed and each punch puns the enemies, but the Brawler Loses
  4. passive.seering rage. As the solar brawler takes hits, he will build up rage, making hm do more damage and boosting abilities. power punch charges faster, fire fist bruns for longer and fists of fury lasts longer

Shadow Assassin

It would be like Shadow Hunter but would use dual daggers (really want a class with dual daggers) and the stat most items would have would be ATK SPEED and ATK this class would have low HP. I've wanted this class for a while now because having a shadow assassin would be a fun character to play. The moves I would want it to have would be Rightclick = a trap kind of like shadow hunter. DMG only, not AOE just 1 enemy. (to make sure it doesn't become op.) 1 = throws daggers at enemy or object and, like the lunar lancer brings you toward the daggers. 2 = Turns into a shadow form of you, being able to run quick, an ATK speed and ATK increase and no enemy would be able able to detect you for that period of time. If you click 2 again you're able to send out a burst of black (for shadow). This removes your 2 ability (until cooldown is done of course), but deals a fine amount of DMGNichoromo (talk) 22:24, April 28, 2016 (UTC)nichoromo


Weapon: Fists, Gloves

Damage: Physical

Combat: Punches/Jabs

Passive: Make 'em Hurt: Whenever you string Four hits, you enter rage mode for a short period, making you slightly faster and making all special moves stronger, but only for one move, and the passive resets.

LMB: Hit with two straight jabs that coincide.

RMB: Lower Upper Cut: Throw your body weight downward, causing a AOE impact in front of you, and confusing enemies for a smidge. Rage mode causes bigger impact and more damage.

1: Bob and Weave: Gain a acceleration boost that makes you super fast, and when you make contact with the enemy, you burst with AOE damage. Rage mode causes you to become invulnerable as you dash.

Ultimate: Hell's Ring: Cause a massive impact, leaving a half sphere that engulfs a small radius. Enemies within the radius take continuous damage as the Ring lasts for Five seconds. Rage mode causes a bigger Radius, health regen, and slightly more damage.

By Dorumon, who had a great idea he wants to share. Also, making the next weapon gloves would open a lot of possibilities.

Fallen Angel

-Weapon: Dark Side, Reaper Scythe. Light Side, Staff.


-Combat: Dark, Melee. Light, Range

-Passive: Dark,Nasty Plot, Each hit has a 20% of  healing you or giveing a Attack boost

-Passive:Light, Heavenly Light, If not damage makes a aroura around you that heals other players

-Left mouse: Dark, Swings Scythe three times(like boomeranger)

-Left mouse: Light, Staff shoots three shot each a bit stronger then the other


I got this from One Punch Man if havent watched it i recommend you Watch It RIGHT NOW it is Amazing.

-Weapon:Gloves(His basic weapons is his hands. His most Strongest weapon should be his Red Rubber Gloves)

-Damage:Physical/Ranged (but when he uses his ultimate skill it can be ranged as well.)

-Combat:Punches. (Ultimate skill Punch so Powerful that The Force Of The Punch air Damages Enemy's too.)

-Passive:Serious Series,When enemy's are a higher level you do 70% more damage With Your ultimate.

-Passive:One Holding Back,every 3rd punches there is a 50% Chance of stunning a enemy.

-Passive:Strongest Hero,There is a 50% chance of One Punching The Enemy with Ultimate skill

-Left Mouse:Light Punches. (its a 3 hit combo the 3rd hit has a 50%chance of knocking the enemy back.)

(The Combo is Right Punch,Left Punch,Right Punch.)

-Right Mouse:Not Every Hero Can Fly,(increases running speed faster than any mount very high jump height.)

-1:Normal Punch.(if it cant kill the enemy it sends them flying)

-2:Serious Punch.(Almost every enemy it kills in One Punch!.)

-Biome:He Has no Biome HE is a Human.

Chaos Caster

-Weapon: Staff

-Damgae: Physical + Magical

-Combat: Melee + Range

-Passive: gains some energy when hit by an enemy

-left-mouse: swings staff half arund himself (180 degrees)

-right-mouse: shoots long ranged laser like projectile out of his staff (uses some energy)

-1:ramms his staff in the ground (a row of his staffs raise in front of him out of the ground, and will disapear again [enemys will get damaged, if they touch the staffs]) this will consume a lot of energy

-2 (Ultimate): the Chaos Caster claps in his hands and creates a big black hole in front of him, wich will stay at the spot where it was created, as long as you have energy, will suck every mob around it inside, will do damage to them, and will make you go slower.

-Design: silver or grey (maybe a robot !?!) with black/dark-grey hands, and with a torn appart cape on his back, and a blue shiny gem thing on his chest. (little bit like a samurai, with plates on his shoulder)

Biome: maybe ST

-Dance: some crazy moves, or just stomping.

class suggestion by klon133 (IGN:klon133)


Class: Faelanx (Pun on the word "Phalanx")

The Faelanx is a heavily armored fae, wielding a spear and shield. It relies on team play, and is meant to have high survivability.

Weapon: Spear

Biome: Fae Wilds

Passive: Each nearby Trovian increases health regeneration by 2%, to a maximum of 30%

LMB: Stab with spear

RMB: Enter or exit block mode - Faelanx takes 50% less damage, deals 50% less damage and moves 25% slower while active. Each hit decreases energy, depending on the strength of the attack.

1: Magic Bash: Shoves forward with the shield, knocking back all enemies in a cone shaped area in front of the Faelanx, and doing a small amount of damage. Costs 25% of max energy.

2/Ultimate: Summons two phantom Fae to fight by the Faelanx's side for 1 minute. They deal 75% as much damage as the original Faelanx, and can be killed if they take enough damage. Their stance (block or attack mode) is the same as the caster's. 2 minute cooldown.

The Psycho

Class: Psycho

Weapon: Helmet ( Head band,,, or just a gun)

Boime: Unknown,  "I can see the lands beyond"-Psycho

Passive: FOCUS-By attacking enemy(s) with LMB and RMB you get focus, the longer you attack a enemy the more focus you will get.(Similar how moons float around The Lancer, a Targeting symbol would float around The Psyco.). Each point of focus gives you 15% more damage to your LMC and RMB, to the max. of 3 Focus points (45% more damage).

LMB: SCAN "N DESTROY- Shoots a long ranged laser bullets ( like the Guns that Storm Troopers use.)

Yes. I know that i dont know how to draw.

RMB: BRAIN WAWES- Fires a short ranged continous beam of energy. Costs 5% of your energy per second. Also can heal your minion. (Similar to Tombraiser.)

Ability 1.: HALUCINATE- Target a minor enemy ( any enemy that isnt a Boss or Shadow Knight.) and make him your minion.Enemy"s health points must be lower that 50% in order to control him. The Enemy under your control does damage based on your magic damage. The Minions health points are based on your health points. ( You have 5000 max. HP, Minion has 2500 max. HP.) The minion can be healed via BRAIN WAWES. He will disapear after 30-50 seconds.Cooldown 15-20 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: (SADISM? or MASOCHISM?)- Creates a medium-large  area of effect around you (where you move the area of effect moves too,). Any Trovians in the zone will take 25% less damage. Any enemy in the zone will take 50-60% damage that he does to any of Trovians in the zone. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown 40-45 seconds.

PROS:- Can choose betwen short or long ranged attacks.

-Make your enemy to be your ally.

-Does great in solo or group

CONS:- Squishy (Small HP)

- Need a lot of energy

I do hope you guys would like to see "The Psycho" in the game too.

BY: Antydox007 (In-game name: Antydox007)


Class: Warlock

Weapon: Staff

Biome: Undead

Passive: Basic attacks have a 50% chance to life-steal 2% of your maximum health

LMB: Shoots a ball of dark energy

RMB: Charges up a bigger version of LMB, that consumes 50% of energy, and if it hits a enemy fully charged it restores 25% of your health

1: Summons 3 demons that do same amount of damage as your LMB and have the same passive-ability

Ult: Summons a Huge aura around him that pushes enemies back and each enemy hit gives back 10% of your maximum health - lasts 10 seconds and consumes 100% of energy

Medic Magician

Name still under debate

Class: Healer

Weapon: Staff

Passive: When below 10% max health, massive region of health for 20 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.

LMB: Shoots ball of light with small splash effect, heals allies, damages enemies

Medpack RMB: (Similar to the Lunar Lancer's ultimate ability) Medium boost to health regeneration, movement speed, and max health to all players in a large area for a certain amount of time depending on how long you charge the ability (like the Shadow Hunter's charging RMB attack) Cooldown: 30 seconds

Escape Plan 1: Slows all enemies in front of the healer for 5-10 seconds (depending on lvl) and deals damage depending on lvl and max health

Energy Boost Ultimate: Provides a brief invincibility buff for 3 seconds, large healing, energy, and a speed boost to all trovians within a large area for 20 seconds. Consumes 100% of energy ( doesn't regen with his/her ultimate)


Class Name: Ranger (might be close to Boomer-anger that is coming in a patch).

Weapon: Boomerang/bow for more bow classes.

Biome: Viking brutal ground.

Passive: Stop the damage regen by hitting the foe.

M2: Can jump high.

Ability-1: Tidal Crash ~ run faster than mount.

Ultimate/ Ability-2: Leviathan's Rage ~ Infuses your fist with energy thats takes the shape of a shark which lets you attack from afar. Energy sharks shoot out of your fists for an amount of time.

Imbued with the element of Water, ranger utilize a "buff" system in which allows you to attack,regenerate and move faster than normal. This makes ranger one of the most fastest class.ranger focuses on Physical Damage and Attack Speed as their main stat and rely on their boomerang as their weapons.

A suggestion by a fellow trove player:trove noob

Coffee elemental Suggestion

Class name: Coffe elemental. Weaponry: Staff. Biome: N/A

Passive-Wakey wakey!: Whenever you kill an enemy you can perform a ritual close by by holding F, similair to the hub teleport. After holding F for about 2 seconds they get resurrected and help you out in battle and taunts other enemies for 10 seconds. After this period they die and cannot be resurrected again.

Ability 1-Sugarless: Fires a projectile which when it hits anything (except for grass) turns into an AoE which slows enemies movement by 60% and attacks by 30%. The AoE dissapears instantly, and the effect stays on targets for 4 seconds.

Ability 2-Overhyped: Creates an short-lasting aura around the Coffe elemental which gives 50% movement speed and 50% attack speed to allies and itself. The aura lasts for 2 seconds, and the effect stays 3 seconds after leaving the aura. These 3 seconds are boosted with an additional one for every other player within the aura.

Ultimate-Coffee-poklyps: Spawns a huge pool of coffe around the current position of the elemental, damaging and slowing enemies in it. While in the pool, enemies will take damage from Sugarless in addition to the attack slow. The slow from the two abilities does not stack. The pool of coffe does not follow the Coffe elemental and stays for 20 seconds.

Healing Gunner Suggestion

Class name: Healing Gunner. Weapon: Gunslinger Gun. Biome: N/A

Passive: Heal Shot Hitting an ally with a basic attack will heal them based on the damage of your gun.

Ability 1: Heal Beam Creates a beam that heals an ally based on your lasermancy and 75% of your gun damage per second

Ability 2: Friendship/ Concentrated Heal Hitting an enemy with this will cause them to help you fight for 20 seconds, and then they will die(excludes bosses and Colossus.) Hitting an ally with this will heal them for 300% of your gun damage instantly.

Ultimate: Heal aura Creates an aura on the ground that heals allies for all of your gun damage for 20 seconds so long as they are in the aura. People in the aura also receive a 20% boost to their attack speed, attack damage, gun damage, and movement speed.


Class name: Aqualyte. Weapon: staff. Biome: Sea of Tranquility/Regret

Passive: Poseidon's gift:

Increases your speed and gives you unlimited jumps while in liquids. The sea of regret's damage is reduced to a total of 25% instead of 35%.

Ability 1: Water toss:

Throw a water ball affected by gravity that does 75% of your magic damage and consumes 15% of your energy. Can be thrown continuously.

Ability 2: Horde of Bubbles:

Unleash a horde of 15 bubbles that go after random enemies, dealing 25% magic damage each (if there are 4 or less enemies the damage is down to 15%)

Ultimate: Tide Rider:

Summons a huge tide to take down near by enemies, dealing 125% magic damage and some knock-back.


Passive: Heart lifter: Gives a buff that increases all stats by 5%

Ability 1: Paladin's strike: A quick slash that consumes energy when used. Can be held down for continuous use. About 2 swings per second, meaning 10% energy consumed per second. Does your normal physical damage per swing.

Ability 2: Boastful Shout: Taunts all enemies to fight you and increases your defense by 50%.

Ultimate: Holy will: Heals your allies fully and gives them 1+ flask. You remain dead for 10 seconds, but receive all your health back and your agro is maxed to nearby enemies.


Class name: Nimbomaster Weaponry: Staff Biome: Clouds

Passive: Featherweight: Either gives 3 more jumps or falls slower than other classes.

Attack: Shoots a cloud at an enemy. About the same fire rate as the Fae, but slower, with damage slowly surpassing the Fae's as it levels up.

Ability 1: Gale Force: Summons a gust of wind that damages enemies, while pushing them away. Can destroy blocks.

Ability 2: Hurricane: Shoots a ball of compressed air. When it hits something, it explodes in an initial blast, then sucks enemies into it, doing DOT. Initial hit and DOT can damage blocks.

Ultimate: Storm Front: The Nimbomaster summons a storm cloud at the height of a just summoned Eis-Crom Cone, then shoots lightning bolts at nearby enemies. 5 lightning bolts are shot, doing AOE damage, as well as destroying blocks.

Costumes: Storm Summoner and Zephermancer. Storms and light breezes in the design.


Weapon: Bow

Passive: Natural Synergy - Each attack on an enemy increase the damage it takes from all sources by 5% for 5 seconds (stacks up to 3 times)

Ability 1: Spreadshot - Fire a fan of arrows piercing through enemies (40 energy)

Ability 2: Acrobatics - Flip backwards leaving a spike trap (lasting 3 seconds) that roots enemies that pass over it for half a second (75 energy)

Ultimate: Summon Familiar - Summon an animal familiar to fight by your side (100 energy)


- Familiar persists until death (no duration)

- Draws aggro

- Reacts to player used abilities 

-- Spreadshot causes them to do an aoe attack

-- Acrobatics gives a short duration invincibility

Costumes change familiar skin (example; a turtle/parrot for a pirate costume)

Barren Rogue

Biome: Desert Of Secrets

Weapon: Dual Melee Blades

[Passive] Swift Movement = Increase in movement speed when attacked by an enemy

[Ability 1] Sand Slash = Slash foes with a sand infused blade

[Ability 2] Sand Storm = Spin yourself into a tornado blinding foes with sand while damaging them.

[Ultimate] Desert Mirage = Dive into stealth mode and strike your foes with massive damage thanks to the physical damage and attack speed and movement speed boost.


Non Quests=

- Desert Nightmare

A costume for the Barren Desert,worn in during the Night Prowl Ceremony,this suit has known to scare off Desert Trespasser

- Heat Mirage

A costume for the Barren Desert,known to trick opponents to thinking that there is nothing. This suit is worn to attack foes out of nowhere.

- SentinelKnife


Class name: Medigunner Weapon: Gun Biome: Generic (Gunslinger and Knight)

Passive: "Medicall": When the Medigunner gets below 10% health, a package is sent down from the ground, healing the medic for 30% of the player's health. Cooldown: 20 seconds

LMB: Shoots an orb of pure energy at a player, healing them based on attack damage.

RMB: "Red Crossed": Shoots a red cross at a player/block, healing blocks and players around it (including the medic) over time.

1: "Medsplosion": The Medigunner throws a bomb at the ground, instantly healing everyone around for 20% max health of the Medigunner.

2: "Medistrike": The Medigunner calls in an airstrike, dropping bombs that heal any players that get caught in the explosion, as well as doing a DoT to enemies, siphoning their health.


Class name-InfiniAngel. Weapon- melee (staves, but use them like melee?) biome- infinium biome

Passive-holy aura:

gives off an aura that heals players around you +1% of their total health every second and -1% health to every enemy you are currently fighting.


your weapon creates a large ball made of infinium and rolls it at your enemies, dealing 70% of your magic damage.


when used (20 energy), will set your weapon on fire, dealing +20% more damage than normal.

Ult- Infini-flight:

gives you unlimited jumps and double damage for 7 seconds. also increases your passive so that it does twice as much damage as well.

Shadow Knight

Class name: Shadow Night

Weapon: Melee

Biome: Shadow Hub(?)

Passive-Dark aura: Damage is dealt to enemies near you (5% of your max health every second)

Ability 1-Shadow Bolt: fires a shadow bolt that does 70% of your physical damage

Ability 2-Shdaow flame: sets your weapon on fire, charged for the next strike, doing 170% physical damage

Ultimate-Shadow pulse: Stuns all enemies near by for 5 seconds and does 500% of your physical damage as a bonus

Dreamy Druid

Class: Dreamy Druid

Weapon: staff

Biome: sky

Passive-Sleepwalking: Clouds do not fall when you jump on them (was thinking of new trap physics) and extra movement speed when on them. additionally, you are not effected by stuns from enemies

Ability 1-Dream bomb: throw a bomb that stuns enemies for a few seconds

Ability 2-fitfull kick: Your staff knocks all enemies near by down and stunning them for 5 seconds and doing 70% physical damage

Ultimate-Knight-mare: stuns all enemies for 8 seconds, saving all damage done. when the 8 seconds are done, they receive damage done plus bonus (500% physical) damage. enemies receiving this when already stunned will get double damage


Class: Arc-Angle

Default Look-: White long hair, white robe, and small white angelic wings.

Magical Damage

Weapon: staff

Attack: Shoots a fast moving ball of light that stuns enemies

Biome: sky

Passive-Mobility: A starting of 2 more jumps, Short glide (not as much as normal wings).

Ability 1-Recovery: Pushes all enemies around you 25 blocks away as well as gives you 10% of your HP back. Looks: Blue push surrounding you. Cool-down: 10 seconds. uses 25% of your energy

Ability 2-Summon:Summons One angle that attacks for you, one angle that will slowly heal you, and one angle that will distract the enemy. The damage and heal amount will go up every time you level up. Looks: 3 small angles. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cool-down: 30 seconds. Uses 50% of your energy.

Ultimate-Darkness: Unlimited jumps, A short glide, Adds 10 speed, Gives you 50% more Magical Damage, Bigger and faster attack that homes in on enemies and it has a smaller recharge time, and restores all of your HP. Looks: wings and body grow bigger. Hair, Wings,Robe, and attack turn black. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool-down: 45 seconds. Uses 100% of your energy.


Weapon Biome Passive Ability 1 Ability 2 Ultimate
Wand Cursed Vale Clarivoyance Flash Remedy Reverse Salve Utopian Solstice
Long range weapon

that does little damage.

Pretty straightforward.

The Cursed

Vale, nothing


Alerts player when

cohorts are dying.



Trovian by

20% when


You can't

heal yourself,

so flasks are

still useful.

Takes away

10% hit points

from user

and damages

group of enemies by 30%

Raises the damage

by 15% of nearby

Trovians when used,

but the user's

speed is lowered

by 2 temporarily.

Starter: Wooden Stick wat 2nd row


(HP Under 70%) Cooldown:

10 sec

Energy: 10%

Cooldown: 8 sec

Energy: 0

Cooldown: 120 sec


Weapon: Guns (so Magic Damage) - acts like a damaging mining laser when used

Lasermancy boosts damage when using this class

Biome: None yet (maybe a cave-based biome?)

Base costume: Builder-type

Passive: Auto-Mining - A miniature drill accompanies you and mines nearby ores automatically, at a rate based on your Lasermancy. This only works in adventure worlds.

M2 skill: Gravity Gun (uses 30 energy, 5 second cooldown upon release) - The gun picks up the selected block and throws it at an enemy on the key's release, causing moderate damage. The block will drop whatever items it normally drops when mined on impact - e.g. Shapestone ore blocks drop Shapestone. This skill will only pick up blocks you can mine.

1 skill: Dynamite (uses 40 energy, 10 second cooldown) - Throws a fuse bomb with double effectiveness on ores and a large radius. The bomb explodes after 5 seconds.

Ultimate skill: Gravity Bazooka (uses 50 energy, 2 minute cooldown upon release) - Like the Gravity Gun skill, but it picks up an area of blocks instead of just one block, deals heavy damage and drops the blocks thrown as items instead of the items that come from them (except solid lair/dungeon blocks) - e.g. Shapestone ore blocks drop usable Shapestone ore blocks. This skill will also pick up any block except those found on other players' cornerstones or restricted zones of club worlds. This means players will be able to collect exclusive decorations and blocks with this class.

Forest Guardian

Weapon: Melee(or gauntlets if this weapon type is added with class) so physical.

Costume: Humanoid tree that gains more and bigger leaves as it levels, taller than other classes. A wood pecker is picking for bugs on your shoulder.

Biome: Deep Woods( a biome with lots of really big trees)

Passive: Photosynthesis-regenerates faster in water

M2 skill: Wood Pecker-the wood pecker on your shoulder flies at nearby enemies in an arc dealing aoe damage to anything in that arc (1.5 second cooldown when the wood pecker lands)

Skill 1: Crippling Strike-you take your weapon( possibly your fist) and slam it on the ground stunning the enemy in front of you for 1.5 seconds. (uses 30 energy, 5 second cooldown)

Ultimate: Root Cage-roots rise up around you quickly in a circle dealing heavy damage to anything in that circle and if the roots hit anything, they will be pulled toward you and get 130% of the normal damage of the ability. (uses 50 energy, 1 minute and 30 second cooldown)

Med Monk

Weapon: Sword, staff

Costume: Robes

Passive: walk speed increase, high Heath regeneration

Biome: light forest that has shrines every so often.

M1: Healing fist, each hit knocks out health of the enemy (about 10-20% of damage) that Heath could be absorbed by near by players

M2: Ark kick, a round house that knocks back the enemy when thing get too tight. AOE cone, so you have the chose to separate enemy's.

Skill: Upper cut, you flying to the air (street fighter style) one enemy in the air and other back a little. You when while in the air knock the airborne enemy back down. ( this way it be also used as a quick escape)

Ultimate: mind body and soul, summon two copies that fight for you. They do the same damage you do and use healing punch.


Ultimate: zen mode, for a short time your Heath, and mana(chi,whatever) doubles, Healing Punch does 100% heal (you can adsorb 100% of your hits) 50% speed, increase.


the shaman uses the elements to punish his enemies who have wronged him and his friends.

(passive)elemental personality

  • [air] attack speed buff {melee}
  • [earth] phisical attack buff {melee}
  • [water] apply a slow to your target for 2s (if hit again it resets the cooldoown of the slow) {ranged}
  • [fire] apply fire to your target 2s (if hit again it resets the cooldoown of the fire) {ranged}

(RMB) change between your 2 elements (read every thing it will make sens after)

(1)element individuality

  • [air] you hit the ground with your hands to create an air blast AOE that pushes enemies back and deal good damage to all
  • [earth] you smash the ground creating an AOE in a cone forwards that stuns enemies for 2s(+lvl) and deal considerable amount of damage
  • [water] you make a whip of water that you slash in a cone that slows all it hits and deal a good amout of damage
  • [fire] you put your hand in front of your face and blow out a ball of fire that goes in a straight line and light on fire the first enemy it touches for 5s and deals a considerable amount of damage

(2)unite to destroy

all the four elements join forces to help you defeate enemies, you levitate and around you apeares a buble of air, a horisontal line of earth, a verticla line of water, and fire balls circle you. you're attacks become mid range (pirate or drac range) and each hit is a little faster than usal, hits harder, slows, and burns.


  • bracelets (each "wepon" is 2 bracelets with a diffrent element each, so you can have combinations like fire; air or earth; water, ect...)

i'd love feedback, and i'd love to get a class with so much viraity, even thought we have the boomeranger. and if you haven't notised i got inspiered by avatar the last air bender (series not the film cus it was bad)

P.S: excuse me if there are some grammar mistakes im a bit dyslectic

Steampunk Engineer


The Steampunk Engineer is a melee/short range class using the relatively advanced technology of steam engineery to destroy his enemies. He uses a gun and a blade to pierce through the enemy line, while still being able to retreat quickly by using his steam-propelled jetboots.

Weapon: 2 Steam short-range handgun/ Bolt-action Motor-blade

Costumes: (Primary brown, secondary golden) Golden spaulders, brown longcoat (unbuttoned), jetboots, brown holster hanging from the belt and brown sword scabbard attached to the back

Costume variants:

-Greenlight (Steam Greenlight... you're not forced to laugh) Primary color would be black and secondary would be green

-Cinder-tech (It's a lore variant. Some bandit group could've try to improve the steam engineery by using various fuels. Steam would be replace by smoke in the valves and "tadaa", here comes the spooky bandit variant) Primary color would be dark grey (a little bit of dirt too if possible) and secondary would be black, the ejected steam would now be black.

Passive: +10% attack speed for each Trovian in the same dungeon/party (if implied)/team (if pvp)

Biome: Forgotten valleys (ancient technology, kinda like the Skyrim dwarves)

M1: "Steam Ejection" ; The Engineer activates his sword, which propels itself by evacuating steam. (He just attack with his sword, also, holding M1 holds more steam in the sword valves, so holding = little more damage) (Can be replaced by the neon ninja's dash)

M2: "High velocity shots" ; The Engineer repeatedly uses his firearms to blow up the enemy lines (just like "Steam Ejection", holding = little more damage)

SKILL (1): "Valkyrian Strike" ; The Engineer is projected into the air and land almost immediatly on the ground in front of the takeoff zone. Nearby ennemies takes substantial damages. Can be repeated and drains mana

ULTIMATE (2): "55mm unloading" The Engineer loads his pistols with special ammunition, which shoots further, much faster, and deals alot more damage. Every shots would cause an explosion, which deals AoE physical damages.

Feedback would be appreciated in the section below and don't mind correcting my grammar, thanks





Class name: Summoner

Biome: Fae wilds

weapon:staff (default staff is a crooked wooden staff)

Passive: Every now and then, enemies will stop attacking and walk away

mouse 1: staff attack

mouse 2: uses enemy you are riding on's attack (can only be used while using ability 1)

ability 1: rides the enemy you are looking at for 10 seconds

ability 2: makes 3 enemies in your area fight for you for 10 seconds (enemies die after attacking for you)

Look: clothed in simple robes

Submitted by 1219HAWK

Feedback appreciated!


Class Name: Chronomancer

A master over time. He has the ability to speed up or slow down time.  In an emergency he temporarily bring time to a stand still. (Hint: this guy sounds a bit OP but is squishy without his Master of Ages Forms and Time Walker)

Weapon: Staffs

Passive: Sands of Time: Damaging Enemies fills hour glass with Sands of time allowing for more powerful versions of attacks to be caste. Abilities that use sand completely empty the hourglass.

Hour Glass Levels

1: Less then 1/2 full

2: Greater then 1/2 but not full

3: Filled

LMB/Basic Attack: 

Time Vortex: Damage enemies in a cone in front of the Chronomancer and create more Sands of time

RMB: Time Walker: Temporarily exit time allowing you to move around without being harmed but can't harm enemies     while in this form. Attacking or taking damage from terrain forces you from this form otherwise lasts for 30 seconds     with a 30 second cooldown

Ability 1 : Master of Ages: Gain the aspects of Heroes throughout time : While in this form you do not gain more Sands of Time

1: Gain access to ancient knowledge giving you increased damage

2: Gain access to tech from the future further augmenting you magic damage as well as your defense/magic defense

3: Gain access to a Master Chronomancer Form increasing magic damage, defense,/magic defense, and turn the Time Vortex to a AOE attack around the player

Ability 2 Ultimate: Doomsday Countdown: A large clock(NOT DIGITAL) appears causing certain effects to enemies and players in its range. Visually its a large clock tower.

1: Speed up time for players for 24 seconds increasing attack speed and movements speed

2: Slow down time for enemies decreasing their movement and attack speed Lasts for 12 seconds

3: Stop Time for enemies causing them to be unable to move or attack. They can be harmed but damage will not be applied untill after the countdown reaches 0 after which they will take twice the damage received. Countdown is 13 seconds (clock face falls onto the area for the 13th second first 12 is the clock counting down)

Idea by : Marethyu12345

Sky Princess


Sky Realm


Melee, Staff, Bow.

The Sky Princess is a healer and the defender of the Sky Realms.


Passive - Chaos Lightning

By using other weapons (melee and bow) it strikes lightning, giving the user 3 hands and equipping the staff, bow and melee. In a way, staffs will make a PVP-like powerup boost that can work for other players.

Ability 1 (A.K.A RMB) - Sky Storm

Causes a pushing force to act against players (pvp only) and/or enemies.

Ability 2 - One too many

Multiplies the player to make more of that player attack. (works with 2 or more players)

ULTIMATE! - Sun Goddess

A gigantic sun shines in the background, burning all enemies to death and healing other players.

Styles and Costumes

She is a miniature fae-like princess


Sun Queen - A smaller version of the Sun Goddess

Shadistress - A darker, q'bthulhu (dunno how to spell) - like fae

Pinata Dancer - Not really a big costume, but gives all pinata pin heads and a exclusive mount called "Sky Pinata".

Created by...

MinionsEnergy (IGN: ElloItsDunna)


DunnaD (MinionsEnergy's emergency alt)

Fish Man

Biome: The Deep

Weapon: Spear, (starts out as trident)

M1 Attack: Jab with trident.

Passive: "Gills"

You would regenerate health more quickly when in water.

M2 Attack: "Violent flop/ Swim Charge"

When in water you charge forward and daze enemies but don't damage them(You can do it from water to land as well). If you're on land you'll violently flop around and hit enemies near you and damage them(You stay in place)

1 Attack: "Octo Buddy"

A player sized octopus falls from the sky where you are pointing and damages everybody around it. After that it will squirt ink at them and daze them.

2 Attack: "Fountain Of Death"

Hits the ground with spear and creates up to 5x5 water blocks below you(depends on how much energy you have) which hurts enemies and heals allies.


Level 1: Would have scaly skin and a special head like the lunar lancer that wouldn't be optional. He would also have some silver armor.

Level 10: Would have scaly spiky skin and bigger silver armor than the level 1 costume.

Level 20: Would have spikier skin than the lvl 10 costume and the spikes would have orange tips. Would also have elaborate golden armor and a special angler fish type head.

Merman: Would look like a normal character with a fish tail and would have simple golden armor.

Fish Monster: Would have flippers for feet and hands, would come with a special spear that was covered in seaweed. Would have a really scaly body with no armor and special 'creature from the black lagoon' type head.

Q'bthulhu Priest: Head would look like that treasure isles octopus lair. Body would be all green with extra tentacle arms.

By Squidzo's Meat House.


standard attack:summon daughter of the moon.

right click: summon offline friend

1: summon online friend

2: combine online and offline friend to fight for you


  • Weapon: Gauntlet
  • Biome: Sea of tranquility
  • Type: Ranged
    • Primary Attack: Water Bending: Your arms position and form a blue translucent cube that fires at an enemy
    • Right-Click: Shifting Tides:increases Jump by 5 for 9 seconds. Extra: if a lunar lancer is within 2 blocks, the move activates their ultimate with their cooldown halved (on both land and water) [Can be stacked with the chronomancer emblem] [Cooldown: 15 seconds] [Requires 90% of energy]
    • 1 attack: melt in: If the Vepotheos melts into the eviorment, becoming whatever block it was currently in/on for 3 seconds. If in water it melts in for 10 seconds and summons 3 fish of random rarity to fight at 1 hit per second and survive for 5 seconds. [Common does 25 damage per sec, uncommon does 50 damage per sec and rare does 200 damage per sec.]
    • Ultimate: Biome Break: A huge water droplet comes from the sky, soaking everything within 7 cubes into sea of Vepo water, which is like the sea of regret except it only works on enemies, dealing 300 damage per sec. [Can be used with the 1 ability, water disappears after 20 seconds] Cooldown: 45 seconds.
    • Passive: In or on water hp increases by 20%, movement speed is increased by 50 (Making it faster then the starter mount) middle-click speeds it through for 2 seconds, not just about half a second and magic damage is increased by 100%.
    • Concept by: Agoneus [Trove Username]


  • Weapon: War axe
  • Biome: Need idea
  • Type: Melee
  • Weapon type: Axe
  • Description:  The Beserker is the mightiest warrior of all the (Biome Name).  He feeds on the rage of battle.  
  • Primary attack: Swings his axe. Can extend up to 2 cubes in front of him.
  • Passive: Beserker's rage:  Dealing or taking damage  builds up rage. Upon reaching full rage, the beserker gains a speed and damage boost, and also heals 2% of the damage he deals.
  • Right-Click:  Cleavage: The Beserker spins around with his axe, dealing 110% of his physical attack damage to all enemies in a 3 cube radius. 5 Second cooldown
  • 1 attack: Roar of the slayer: The Beserker yells a battle cry, taunting all enemies around him in a 3 cube radius. Enemies who were taunted deal 20% less damage to the Beserker. 15 second cooldown.
  • Ultimate:  Bloodlust: The Beserker enters a state of insanity, craving only for his enemies to die. This is called bloodlust. During this time, his damage is doubled and he heals for 20% of the damage he does during the time, but the Beserker takes 20% more damage. Bloodlust lasts for 15 seconds, and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.

I think the Beserker would be a great addition to Trove because it would introduce a new weapon type, which is cool.  It also would add something who can do a lot of AOE and be a super tank.  He would be very usefull in Shadow Towers and in dungeon raids because of his high damage and AOE

Concept by Sudip Patel. IGN _IamSudoop_


the shaman uses the elements to punish his enemies who have wronged him and his friends.

(passive)elemental personality

  • [air] attack speed buff {melee}
  • [earth] phisical attack buff {melee}
  • [water] apply a slow to your target for 2s (if hit again it resets the cooldoown of the slow) {ranged}
  • [fire] apply fire to your target 2s (if hit again it resets the cooldoown of the fire) {ranged}

(RMB) change between your 2 elements (read every thing it will make sens after)

(1)element individuality

  • [air] you hit the ground with your hands to create an air blast AOE that pushes enemies back and deal good damage to all
  • [earth] you smash the ground creating an AOE in a cone forwards that stuns enemies for 2s(+lvl) and deal considerable amount of damage
  • [water] you make a whip of water that you slash in a cone that slows all it hits and deal a good amout of damage
  • [fire] you put your hand in front of your face and blow out a ball of fire that goes in a straight line and light on fire the first enemy it touches for 5s and deals a considerable amount of damage

(2)unite to destroy

all the four elements join forces to help you defeate enemies, you levitate and around you apeares a buble of air, a horisontal line of earth, a verticla line of water, and fire balls circle you. you're attacks become mid range (pirate or drac range) and each hit is a little faster than usal, hits harder, slows, and burns.


  • bracelets (each "wepon" is 2 bracelets with a diffrent element each, so you can have combinations like fire; air or earth; water, ect...)

i'd love feedback, and i'd love to get a class with so much viraity, even thought we have the boomeranger. and if you haven't notised i got inspiered by avatar the last air bender (series not the film cus it was bad)

P.S: excuse me if there are some grammar mistakes im a bit dyslectic


Description: Money. That is all.

Weapon: Golden Cane (Melee)

Damage Type: Physical (Cane Whack, Platinum Slash), Magical (Cash-ser, Money Bomb)

Biome: Golden Streets

Primary Attack (Cane Whack): Whack enemies with your cane. Whacks are weak, but can be done in rapid succession

Right Click (Cash-ser): Charge and shoot a laser that goes through enemies. The color of the laser changes depending on how long it is charged. If charged for 1-2 seconds, the laser is bronze, and has no special effects. If charged for 3-4 seconds, the laser is silver, and has a 50% chance to slow down your enemies for a couple of second. If charged for 5 or more seconds, the laser is gold, and has a 50% chance to burn your enemies.

1 Attack (Money Bomb): Throw an explosive money bag that has an 8x8 AOE. 5 Second Cooldown

2 Attack (Platinum Slash): Use an ultra-powerful slash that freezes any enemy it hits for 5 seconds. 60 Second Cooldown.

Passive Skill (Money-Making): Gain twice as many items from breaking blocks and defeating enemies, and obtain twice as much loot from dungeons than any other class.


Level 1: Standard Black Tuxedo, Black Shoes, and Red Bow-tie

Level 10: Silver Tuxedo, Silver Shoes, and Bronze Bow tie

Level 20: Gold Tuxedo, Golden Shoes and Diamond Bow-tie

Gem Collector: Brown Vest with a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Topaz on the Collar, as well as various gems through out the Vest, White Undershirt, Brown Pants, Black Shoes, Diamond Glasses

It's Good to be Green: Green Tuxedo, Green Shoes, Golden Dollar Sign Chain

Fit for a King: Red Shirt with Three Yellow Buttons, White Cape with Black Spots, Black Pants, and Brown Loafers



Description: Attack from a safe range by hurling rocks and bombs at your enemies... Or just ram in to them! While loading up you can quickly use your spear to knock the enemies away.

Facts: He/She comes from Medieval Highlands, The actual character is mainly for knockback and does not deal much damage. The spear will do a small amount of damage but will knock them a far distance. 

Weapon(s): Physical, Sword, starts with "Ruined Rubble Hitter".

Left-Click attack: Pick-Pockety Poke. You thrust your lance forward with great force to push them away. Every time you hit them you have a medium chance to collect a "Rock" (more info later). Maximum of 9 rocks at a time.

Right-Click: Rock Fling Flurry. grab the end of your catapult and shoot multiple rocks at the enemies . The catapult will shoot 3 times before the hand breaks (now you wait for reload to finish). Each shot will shoot 3 rocks. If you only have 6 rocks then it will just shoot twice. When you have an Odd number then the last shot will only shoot 1/2. Rocks deal a good amount of damage and a LOT of knockback. Reload of 30 seconds

NUM1 attack: Pulter Pelt. Put some wheels on your catapult and ride on it. The catapult will automatically drive at hyper speed. You can control it by making it turn around and stuff. If you hit an opopnent you can deal MASSIVE damage and Knock-Up. Stops after 10 seconds. Cool down of a minute

NUM2/special attack: Juggernaut. Temporarily gives you infinite "rocks". your right click attack has no cooldown and every attack will shoot weak bombs instead. Lasts 10 seconds, cool down of 2.5 minutes.


LVL1: Some simple, damaged wooden armour, also has some pockets with a few rocks in them

LVL 10: Chainmail armour, Also has a toolbelt full of rocks. ~Creeper_Da_Pie

LVL 20: rusty gold armour, has a Quiver full of rocks.


(Christmas only) Kramp-apulter. Has a tree bark like chestplate with Ivy over it. Catapult is now a broken santa sleigh and all rocks are now lumps of Coal (to show the kid was naughty on christmas)

Rich Lobber. Shiny gold armour, comes with a free golden crown hat. The crown has some rocks on it. The rocks will now be golden nuggets. Your catapult is now an ATM machine (yes lol).

Jurassic Juggernaut. Has nothing on except a small giraffe skin cloth covering most of the body. There are some rocks attatched to this too. Your catapult has turned in to a small T-Rex (YAY!!1!).

NOTE: this can also come with an add-on pack called the "Catapult Present Pack". it comes with the Class its self, Rich lobber and jurrasic juggernaut costumes, 10 big bombs, A new PVP banner which could be 3 rocks being thrown or something (i dont play pvp so i can't tell what is needed and stuff) and also a new mount which is a catapult where you sit on the hand of it. It can cost £10.99


Chaos Walker

Description: A acolyte from the shadow realm, he has turned his back from the shadow titans. He now wields shadow magic against them.

Weapon: staff

(Passive) master of shadows: Killing a enemy gives you one shadow charge, stacks up to three, each of these charges wil be consumed to save you from being dealt a death blow.

M1: fires a beam of shadows that penetrate enemies. same range as ice sage.

M2 (Shadow walk): right click to mark a location and you will teleport there a second later. 

1: (Chaos blast) fires a eye of qbutulu that explodes on contact, dealing DOT damage and healing allies.

Ultimate(shadow form) turns into large shadow giant. All stats are buffed up.

costumes: starting lvl is just a black robe with hood. Lvl 10 has silver glidings on parts of the robe. max lvl has patterned silver and bronze glidings. 

War Spirit

One of the guardians of the battleverse, it has come to assist the trovians.


Passive:(ordinance) Killing enemies earns you a battle box which will act like a battle box in PvP. This will take up one of your slots.

M1:(battle burst) Shoots a burst of red light that explodes and damages blocks/enemies.

M2:(battle aura) Hits the ground w/ staff and all enemies around are hurt.

1:(war cry) Roar and all the enemies in front of you go crazy and attack each other for a bit.

2:(demons of war) Spawn a random number of demons of war to help you. They look like the battle mounts but all orange, red, and gold. Appearances are affected by costume.

Costumes: Level 1 looks like the battle broker but hovering with no legs. Level 10 looks like battle broker. Level 20 looks like battle broker but bigger with silver spiky armor. Moon spirit costume looks like the level 1 costume with a crescent on its head but blue and silver instead of red and gold. Also has blue and silver demons of war. Pinata spirit looks like the multicolored fae pinata spawned by the pinata god. Also has multicolored demons of war.

Shield Gunner

Class: A 1-handed crossbow(or gun) user with a shield in the left hand.

Weapon: Bow horizontally on a gun, so its like a 1-handed crossbow(or just a gun cus it would be easier)

Damage: Physical (Magical if the weapon is a gun)

Passive: Evading drops caltrops slowing the enemy.

LMB: Just a shot.

RMB: You hold up your shield, the shield blocks damage from 90 degrees and drains energy for the amount of damage taken. So a strong attack would drain all your energy and a weak attack wouldn't.

1: This switches the kind of arrows(or ammo) used with LMB. It switches between explosive arrows and poisonous arrows.

Ultimate: This combines the arrows for 10 seconds(40sec cooldown). While active your shots poison and explode and the damage is increased(Initial hit does 100%, each poison tick does 100% and the explosion does 100% to surrounding enemies)

Empowered Gem augment: With the ability augmenting gem your shield will also be affected by the switching ability. While explosion is active blocking a attack creates a explosion centered at yourself and with poison active the enemy hitting your shield will be poisoned.(the explosion from your shield does 50% damage to all enemies within range and the poison does 75% damage per second for 2 seconds)

Extra explanation:

- I would rather have a smaller bow skin horizontally on the end of like a gun frame but since thats harder or weird to do for the devs a gun might be better.                                                    

- The explosion shot makes the enemy red so you know it is charged and will explode after 2 seconds. 

- The poison shot makes the enemy green so you know it is poisoned.                                                    

- explosive arrows explode after 2 seconds and does 100% damage on the initial enemy hit and 50% to surrounding enemies.                                                                                                                             

- poisonous arrows apply a DoT for 2 seconds. The initial hit does 100% and each second does 50% damage.                                                                                                                                                   

- In combat with basic attacks fighting 2 or less enemies poison would be better and fighting 4 or more enemies explosion would be better.                                                                                                            

- With the gem the increased poison damage from the shield compared to the basic attacks balances it so that fighting 2 or less enemies poison is better and when fighting 4 or more enemies explosion is better.                                                                                                                                                           

- The caltrops dropped when evading don't do damage it just slows them, the strength of the slow is up to the devs.

- I don't have any numbers, that would be for the devs but the % would make is so that against 2 or less enemies = poison and 4 or more = explosive.

The Educator

Class: Educator

Weapon: Melee (Default weapon shaped like a pencil, called "Graphite Saber"?)

Biome: Lands of Learning

Starter Look: Short brown hair, Suit, glasses(?)

M2 skill: Charges forward with weapon with lots of speed (like Neon Ninja)

Attack 1: "Chemistry Homework" Throws textbook and it explodes after 2 seconds or if attacked

Attack 2: "Detention" Throws the dreaded pink slip at enemy, immobilizing them for 3 seconds


Lvl 1: Red plaid suit with pocket protector and no tie

Lvl 10: Suit turns to brown, has red tie (no plaid)

Lvl 20: Black suit

Store Costumes:

Principal: Ugly brown suit and bow tie with brown jeans

Coach: White tank top and basketball shorts, whistle around neck

Substitute: Casual T-Shirt and shorts with a nametag

Description: A teacher from the Lands of Learning who got fed up with their students, and decided to give fighting a try instead.

-By BaconBall37

Cloud Coatyl

Class: Cloud Coatyl

Weapon: Staff( shaped like a thunderbolt, sprays lightning in a cone-shape in front of you)

Biome: Sky Dimension

Starter Look: Blue wings, blue tail, blue feathers


Crezz is a scientist who had lost his mentor from an acid breakdown phenomenon that happened from their out-of-control experiment only leaving Crezz to live, he seeks to find a way to go and revive his mentor in order to stop the acidic situation.

Weapon: Potions (Long Range, Magic Damage, up to 18 blocks)

Passive (Suprise): Every 5th hit on an enemy will intoxicate them and become your fighting ally for 3 seconds then explodes.

Right Click (Chemical Reaction): Bottles will be placed down, and when two bottles are placed down a line of goop will connect the bottles damaging enemies who step on the goop. (Limited to only placing 4 bottles at a time)

1st Skill (Atom Bonding): Crezz will throw it down and the acid has a 3x3 splash damage, the acid will create 3 little acid buddies that last's for 5 seconds, and that will go on to enemies that are a 5x5 radius from you, they will blind and slow enemies down for 5 seconds. (Acid buddies disappear once they attack and come in contact with an enemy or if their time limit is up)

2nd Skill (Acid Breakdown): Acid will fall on Crezz turning him into an acid monster that will last for 15 seconds, his main attack will no longer be a potion in the Acid Monster form, but will become his hands which can extend 5 blocks. The other skills will still be usable but only as a fuel consumption, Crezz can use it to enhance his strength. (Limited to only 3 potion consumption)

Biome: Axicton, A biome full of chemical bottles and acid lakes, along with intoxicated plants as enemies.


Beginner - A grey shirt with a bow and pants.

Lvl 10 - Same thing but with a little pouch at the back and safety glasses around his neck.

Lvl 20 - A long and huge lab coat with bottles surround a black belt around his waist.

Store Costumes:

Mechanic - In a big orange construction like overall with cans of oil as the potion. Will turn into a Car Monster.

Painter - With a messy apron on with paintbrushes with paint as the potion. Will turn into a Colourful Acid Monster.


A fighter from the Everdark. Stripped of all of its gear and sent on a suicide mission. It specializes in quick, close up fighting and looks for revenge on its enemies.

It uses daggers.

M1: Physical Attack

  1. Slices horizontally 100% Damage (Physical)
  2. Slices horizontally 100% Damage (Physical)
  3. Slices diagonally 105% Damage (Physical)
  4. Slices vertically 110% Damage. (Physical)

M2: 5 Second Cooldown; No Energy Cost; Physical

Throws Dagger for 150% Damage (Physical)

Passive: If you hit an enemy from behind with any attack it adds 10% of your max (attack type) attack damage to the attack and slows the enemy 50% for 1 second.

Ultimate: 45 Second Cooldown; With Splash

Powers up throwing dagger for +200% of your Magical Damage

When its thrown:

Poisons enemies that are hit (even with splash)


Throws 8 daggers in a circle around player each for 1/8 of physical damage.


Beginner: Has a sleek, black cloak on.

Level 10: Same thing but with a hood on the cloak

Level 20: Cloak turns to a really dark shade of purple and adds gloves of the same color.

Store Costumes:

Grim Reaper: Puts the hood over the head of the Shadow, making the face completely black.

Blitz Rogue (Assassin)

Specializes in Damage Per Second, Movement Speed, Attack Speed and uses lightning

Looks: stands sideways facing forward with daggers/knives held at his waist point on each side of his body.

Weapon: Dual Daggers/Knives

Costume: cloak, with ninja mask

Store Costume: cloak and hood made of blue lightning with blue lightning bolt daggers/knives and light blue mask and body

Attack: two slashes, one per dagger/knife

Passive: when being attacked has probability to shoot blue lightning from body attacking all nearby enemies based on physical damage.

Right click: Assassinate: attacks forward with both daggers/knives simultaneously causing 2 times more damage with bleeding damage over time effect based on physical damage

1: Chain Lightning: flashes forward through all enemies in front causing blue electrical Area Of Effect explosive damage to come from each enemy equal to 3 times physical damage and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.

2: Invincible: Body morphs into lightning making the player unable to be harmed by enemies and increases movement speed and physical damage by 2 times for 5 seconds

Class Gem: Changes Assassinate ability to no longer cause bleeding damage over time but to cause an electrical charge to shoot out from enemy causing area of effect damage to nearby enemies and increasing the damage of ability from 2 times to 5 times physical damage.

what do you guys think? open to all opinions.

Bottle Flip

Appearance:just a life sized water bottle

Weapon:Bottle caps

Can use hats:no

Left click: flips when landing blocks in 8x8 radius will kinda get mined, enemies caught in range are hurt.

right click: Flip Lunge: lunges towards enemies stunning them for 1 second

1: Liquid Spray: Sprays liquid in front of self

Ultimate: Circle bottle flip: flips are around in circles each time landing block range is 20x20

Passive: Costume Effects: Costumes Give effects when your wearing them lava does fire damage, chocolate slows them down, and plasma stuns them while level up costumes dont give you effects.

Class Gem: Standard attack's Radius is now 10x10

Created By wazzuper26/wazzupermobile26


Weapon is a staff,Projectile is a mix of the Fae Trickster's homing ability and the projectile of the Gunslinger, but slower.



When health is 25%, a shadow wave appears, killing everyone (except Shadow titans,dungeon bosses,and shadow giants, damaging them) that touches it.

In order for it to charge,you need to defeat a dungeon.

Basic attack

Melee Attack

Range:3 Blocks, Damage:1/2 of staff damage.

Ranged Attack

Range:4-50 blocks, Damage: damage of staff.

1st Ability

Seek(hold to activate)

Uses 5 power every second

The screen turns dark blue, and blocks are outlined black (like building mode), you can move but once you let go you go back where you were using it. you and Enemy's are not dark blue, if you attack in this mode you target instead to shoot a homing lazer.

the more targeted, the less damage, For example, if 10 people are targeted it will do 1/10 to each one.

2nd Ability (lvl 3)

Mystic Orb(thrown)

Throw a Mystic orb,shooting a random element,(class gem) a friendly shadow giant spawns.

ULTIMATE (lvl 5)


Leaves behind a lazer trail, and sees EVERY ENEMY in the biome, 25 time to recharge, 15 seconds to last.


Starter:White shirt and black pants,

lvl 10:Shapestone armor with a circle pouch, 

lvl 20:Armor turns into infinium armor, pouch removed and there is a pearl above his head.

lvl 30:Armor turns into Formicite.

Golden eye: lvl 20 but has a golden soul block in the middle,

Turned: Shadow giant armor, instantly gives hat style shadome and replaces it with 500 cubits.

Creator: Hunterishuntbird

(oops i forgot to comment before creating)

Lunar Mage

Class description:Decendants and disciples of the embodiment of the moon, they work magic so intense, they require special staffs to even conjure a shot strong enough to chip wood. Weapon: Crystallized magus staff. Biome(s): The Moon, Magus Spire. Damage:Magic.

Passive ability:Night's bane: Forever followed by a re-created miniature moon, defeating enemies has a chance to triple your damage, but each tripled shot saps 1/50 of your health. Effect lasts 5 seconds per defeated enemy.(Given tthe enemy triggered the effect.)

Basic attack: A straight shot of magic. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ability 1 (Right click):Lunar beam: Fires a straight beam doing consecutive piercing damage. Costs half of the player's energy gauge.

Ability 2 (Button 1): Magus wave: Fires a wave in front of the player, flying endlessly and doing 2/3 of the player's magic damage. No energy cost, but it has a 15 second cooldown.

Ultimate (Button 2): Pure burst: Fires an orb-shaped burst of energy, reaching 10 blocks away, dealing five times the player's magic damage. 120 second cooldown, and take the full energy bar. (Otherwise it would be game breaking.)


Starter:Simple jacket,matching the player's eye color. Level 10:One-colored cape alongside the jacket,now fancier, matching the player's eye color. Level 20: Gold threading within the cape, and the following radiant auras are unlocked:"Lunar wisdom"and"Chaotic magus touch" Magus Gambler: "Practically identical to the diamond disaster that is the brother to the supreme ruler of the moon. Sadly, you'll never have his scythe." Red robes with a cape attached, and the moon following you is replaced with a chaotic magus crystal. (Look just like a floating red diamond.) Anti-matter Menace: "The one creature willing to fight the grand lunar mage. While wearing this won't give you his bravery, you'll look just as intimidating." Similar to the magus gambler costume,except the red clothing is replaced with black. Instead of a moon following you, a sentient eye of q'bthulu will follow you.


weapon: kitchen axe and a cauldron

Left click ability: swings with kitchen Axe

Right click ability: traps enemy with cauldron and uses enemy as a raw food

1 button ability: Cooks a food using cauldron in 3 seconds then throws up to the air to ground and foods that heals players

ult ability: summons a monster foods that attacks enemy for you

passive ability: the energy can be filled by trapping enemy using cauldron


starter: a chef uniform, a apron and a cauldron carrying in their back

Shadow assassin

a light class that specializes in heavy damage, and fast abilities

passive (blood song): every few critical hits can give the assassin a minimal heal, -minimal% hp, more damage, faster, and faster attack speed. Stacks up to 3. a stack goes away after 20 sec out of battle.

m1(stab): 2 consecutive stabs from the daggers. attack speed does not attack faster.

m2(critical strike): charges into a enemy. If hit, cooldown is reduced slightly, Adds a stack in bloodsong, does huge damage and rolls backwards with a short amount of increased movement speed

1(assassinate): turns invisible with more movement speed and heals a % of health. attacking a enemy with form a critical strike. Attacking will make you appear again.

2(death chant): gives you and everyone around you a massive damage and movement speed boost. Faster attack speed. Does not stack

class gem

m2(critical strike): now does 2 slashes in the form of a X with less damage. poisons enemy based on the amount of stacks on bloodsong and damage.

The Destroyer

By: KingGladiator

I thought of a new class that could be put in game possibly. I call him: The Destroyer, He's a robotic mech, that is based on magic damage. He'll be based on dealing all AoE damage. Basic attack will fire out a [Homing Rocket] if enemy/enemies close by, it'll auto lock on an explode upon impact. For his 1 key it will send [Mortars] raining down upon enemies. And finally for his special 2 key [Nuke], which you fire a rocket into the sky so powerful, turning into a nuke dealing massive damage upon return. Now for the class gem, it'll turn the basic attack into a rapid fire, same as the shadow hunter class gem.


Fortune Teller

This character once sat in the streets of the Hub and told fortunes for a living. But when the dark hearts invaded, he picked up his deck ofcards and fought.

Passive: All-Seeing: Enemies have extra damage dealt to them

Basic Atack:Card Fling:Fling cards quickly, inflicting "Card Holder"

Secondary Attack:Triple Fling:Throw3 caards in a spread, slowing enemies and inflicting "Trump Card"

Primary Ability:Cosmic Power: Remove all "Card Holder" and "Trump Card" debuffs, dealing damage if you remove "Card Holder", and stunning if you remove "Trump Card"

Ultimate:Shuffle Slinger:Fire cards extremely quickly, dealing massive damage, but its dealt ten seconds later.

Empowered Gem:All card attack cardshome in on enemies