Clubs are special worlds you can join to connect with other players. Club worlds are unique in that they're player created worlds, are revisitable, and are maintained by players. Clubs start out with only one zone, but can be expanded with the use of Terraformers (see below). Club members with Architect rank or higher can build freely in the club world, without having to worry about the 16 x 16 Cornerstone limits.

Players can choose to append the name of their club world to their username by clicking the flag icon next to the club in the club menu.  This will show as "Username of Club Name" in the game.

Club Creation

To create a Club, players need to craft a Club Card at the Builder's Crafting Bench with 25,000 Flux and 200 Golden Souls . Using the Club Card from the Hotkey you assign it will allow you to name and create your club world.

Finding Clubs

There are two main ways to find Clubs; entering a Club from the Hub World Props section, or being invited to them. You can also enter the club world of someone on your Friends List by clicking "Join," though this does not make you a Member.  Players can ask an officer or higher of a club to invite them to a club.


Used to expand your Club World. Created at a WorldSpring with an Infinity Frame, Shapestone, zone-specific ingredient, and Glim, they'll expand your world and create a new Biome based on the type of Terraformer you create.

To use a terraformer, equip it in your item hotbar and hold the corresponding key down when facing a zone with the Sea of Regret biome.

VIDEO: How to expand your club


The person who created the Club is the Leader. Other members of the club can be promoted by the original Leader to Leader. Beware!!! Leaders can kick all other members out of the club, including other Leaders and the original creator of the club!!! The Leader can decide who gets to join, and can kick players who don't abide by their rules. To invite players, the Leader simply has to open the Clubs menu ("P") and click "invite" then enter the person's username. The Leader can also kick and promote players from the club menu. Leaders always have the ability to build as well, and can access the Club Chest & Club Officer Chest.

Officers are the rank below Leader, and also have the ability to add, promote and kick players. Officers serve as mini-moderators for the Club. They also have the ability to build. Officers can access the Club Officer Chest & Club Chest.

Architects are the rank below Officers, and they have the ability to build in the club world. They can access the Club Chest only.

Member is the lowest rank of a club. Members have no special privileges. cannot build, but can access the Club Chest.

Visitors are people not in the Club. They're allowed to visit club worlds, but not build or access Club Chests. Visitors can access Community chests if one is available. Players can message an Officer or the Leader of the club for an invite to Membership. Officers and Leaders can kick them off the club world if they get annoying.

Member List

The Leaders and Officers of a Club World can access the Member list ("P", then click [>]) to add, promote and kick players.

Members can view the Member List to see who in the Club is online, and even view the offline members.


The Community Chest is a place where players can store items they don't want, or take items that other players have left behind. This chest works much like the Community Chest in the Hub. The Community Chest is open to all players, regardless of whether they're a club member or not.

The Club Chest is available to members of the Club. Players can store and take items from this chest much like the Community Chest.

The Club Officer Chest is available to members of Officer rank or higher in the Club. This works much like the other chests, where you may take or leave items at will.


In some worlds, players will find the Homeworld Heart. Activating this item will change the color of the Homeworld Heart and give a club Props. Props are used much like ranks for Club Worlds, and more Props equals a higher rating. Club Worlds are sorted by their Prop ranks in the Hub World.

Portal Bench

Sometimes players will find a Portal Bench in a Club World. This special bench allows players to create a special portal that link to that Club World. Players can set up that portal in their own Club World or Cornerstone to make access to their favorite Club Worlds quick and easy.

Top 10 Clubs

Note: This information is based off of the club listings in Trovesaurus and double-checked in the actual game.

This list was last updated on: 19/02/2017 (6:00AM PST)

Rank Preview Club Props World ID
1 The Trovian Maestros The Trovian Maestros 76,000+ /joinworld 4052790181173099611
Googletranslate 71,000+ /joinworld 8103043873280053461
Voxel Busters 58,000+ /joinworld 2704399765038298724
Legendary Studios
Legendary Studios 41,000+ /joinworld 2559472351451169524
NilfgarD 40,000+ /joinworld 5009954232956686161
Icys Minions
Icys Minions 34,000+ /joinworld 247840910329993392
Weenie Fan Club
Weenie Fan Club 31,000+ /joinworld 4968685075719300820
Edge of Abyss
Edge Of Abyss 28,000+ /joinworld 8140402018277967493
Team Pixel
Team Pixel 27,000+ /joinworld 8140402018277967493
Infinium Rush
Infinium Rush 10,000+ /joinworld 6932263047908183491

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