Crescent Isle
Crescent Isle 2
A designer's model from metaforge
Type Dungeon – Island
Designer IxionMeistr
Biome Treasure Isles

Crescent Isle (a.k.a. Crescent Island) is a dungeon that generates randomly in the Treasure Isles Biome. There's a tiny port in the gape of the island, as well as a large mountain near the middle which leads to a portal to the Three-Starred Boss.


One of the One-Starred Bosses can be found to the right of large mountain as you approach the dungeon from the opening in the water, while the other can be found in front of the port. There is a staircase from the ground to the side of the mountain, which leads the player into a small tunnel. In the small tunnel lies a portal which transports them to the Three-Starred Boss room.

Alternatively, one can go to the underwater center of the dungeon and throw a few bombs at the hollow rectangular area, dropping them directly into the boss room.