Crystallized Cloud

Crystallized Cloud

Crystallized Cloud block

Category Resource
Type Ore
Item ID
Crafting Material. Common ore found in the Sky Realms.
— Item Tooltip

Crystallized Cloud are common ores that can be found in the Sky Realms. These cloud ores can rarely drop the Nimble Nimbus mount. These ores are used in various Runecrafting Recipes crafting. They are worth 1:2flux because it requires 250+ lasermancy to mine it as the same rate as 100 lasermancy mining shape stone.

These are also used to make Ultralight Flight Chassis that is required to make the Neon Nightsky Wings.

A technique to obtain the Nimble Nimbus Mount is to craft a large number of bombs, and keep destroying Crystallized Clouds you see. This only gives you a higher chance to achieve the Nimble Nimbus Mount, and this also takes time.

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