Crystallized Sun Spark

Crystallized Sun Spark

Category Material
Type Seasonal
Item ID
Solar radiance shines curiously from inside this intricately mounted crystal. This event currency will disappear sometime after the event.
— Item Description

Crystallized Sun Sparks are a seasonal resource obtained during the Gathering Light event by completing Golden Thread objectives. They are used to craft the Sun-Touched Shimmerwing ally at the Wheel of Seasons.

Being an event resource, it can only be obtained during the The Gathering Light event and will not be obtainable after the event is over.

Used to Craft

Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark
Result Item (Quantity) Crafted in...
Sun-Touched Shimmerwing small Sun-Touched Shimmerwing Crystallized Sun Spark small Crystallized Sun Spark (10) Wheel of Seasons small Wheel of Seasons