Cursed Skulls

Cursed Skull

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Cursed Skulls (previously known as Ominous Totem) are totems that summon enemies when activated. A dialogue box will pop up in the top right corner displaying, "Activate the cursed skulls." Players must then locate the skull and sword shaped totem and activate it by pressing the "E" key while facing it, or attacking it. The totem will be destroyed after the quest is completed.

They can be found in Adventure Worlds and Shadow Towers:

Adventure Worlds

Cursed Skulls show up in one star lairs. Two waves of enemies specific to the biome will spawn and must be defeated for the quest to be completed. If a player moves outside of the glowing ring for too long the quest will reset and must be reactivated.

Sometimes, there are swarm cursed skulls where players have to fight many enemies at once (usually 30 but sometimes 10), but swarm enemies have noticeably lower health. Only 5 enemies can be alive at once (4 for 10).

Enemies defeated from Cursed Skulls do not drop items or adventure loot (probably to prevent farming), but completing the quest itself will grant experience in the tier equal to the world the player is located in.

Shadow Towers

Cursed skulls also make their appearence in Shadow Towers.

On Arena floors, the totem will spawn 5 waves of enemies in the following order:

  • 6-8 Regular Monsters
  • 2 Small Bosses
  • 8 Regular Monsters
  • 2 Small Bosses
  • 1 Dream Monster

On Dungeon floors, one-starred and three-starred totems can be found. This floors will require 1 or 2 one-starred quests to be completed in order to unlock a final three-starred quest. One-starred totems will spawn 2 waves of enemies:

The three-starred, final totems will spawn a Dream Monster.

On the top floor, the Shadow Pinnacle, activating the totem will summon one of the four Shadow Titans. When the quest is completed, the player is granted Titan Souls or Lunar Souls (if it was the first time that Titan was defeated on that difficulty).