Cyberian Android


Cyberian Android ingame

Cyberian Android alpha ingame

Category Android
Biome Neon City
AI Type Fighter
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim (1-3) Common
Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage (1-2) Uncommon
Bomb small Bomb Uncommon
Cyberian Android Wall Trophy small Cyberian Android Wall Trophy Rare

Enemy Cyberian Android

Cyberian Androids are melee enemies located in the Neon City Biome.

In Alpha, it was blue and grey, located in the Robo Wastelands.


Like other fighters, Cyberian Androids run up to the player and punch them. They can also hit the ground instead (similarly to a Knight's Smash ability), inflicting more damage and having a wider range, but being slower to use and easier to dodge.

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