Daily Bonuses are a way for players to get bonus items during specific days. Trove started off having 100% Cubit bonuses on weekends, but after Patch - 4/28/15, daily bonuses were introduced, from more harvesting drops to additional shard drops. After the Heart Attack Patch, Glim and Double Cubit bonuses were removed for additional bonuses and before the Patch - 6/22/16 there was a 50% (100% for patron user) faster fishing bonus that was replaced with bonus gem boxes. Also, people with Patron will have their dailies doubled. Each daily bonus happens within a 24 hour time-frame.

Each day at 4AM server time (7AM EST) the daily bonus resets, allowing players obtain a new daily bonus.

Daily Bonus

Monday: +20% Harvesting

Patron - 40% Harvesting

On Mondays, players will have the chance for harvested crops to drop 20% more (originally dropping one or two per plant). Players can have crops ready before-hand, this daily bonus only applies to crops harvested within the time frame.

Tuesday: +50% Ore

Patron - 100% Ore

On Tuesday, players will have the chance for mining ores to drop 50% more (originally dropping one per block). This also increases the chance for ores to drop additional items including a Miner's Trove (from adventure worlds) and the Nimble Nimbus Mount (in the Sky Realm). This daily bonus only applies to ore chunks mined within the time frame.

Wednesday: +25% Gem Boxes

Patron - +50% Gem Boxes

On Wednesdays, players will have a chance to obtain more gem boxes through adventuring. This chance is applied to obtaining another gem box from one received, though the rarity of the gem box is still the same. (i.e. receive an Epic Gem Box gives you another Epic Gem Box)

Thursday: +200% Adventure Loot

Patron - 400% Adventure Loot

On Thursdays, players will have a chance to obtain more monster drops through adventuring. This daily bonus also increases the chance to drop more weapons/gear, Adventure Boxes, and Pemblocks/Meownts. This, however, does not increase the chance of finding Wall Trophies or Rare Birds/Bears.

Friday: +100% Shards

Patron - 200% Shards

On Fridays, all Radiant Shards, Shadow Shards or Shadow Caches received by players will be doubled. This applies to only Dark Heart Lairs and Shadow Towers. This does not apply to radiant shards dropped by Radiant Giants.

Saturday: +50% Adventure EXP

Patron - 100% Adventure EXP

On Saturdays, players will obtain additional EXP for adventuring.

Sunday: +50% PvP Winner EXP

Patron - 100% PvP Winner EXP

On Sundays, players will obtain additional EXP for winning PvP games. Players must win a game of Capture the Flag or Deathmatch (Club PvP) in order to receive the bonus.

Removed Bonuses

Wednesday: +100% Adventure Glim

On Wednesdays, players will have a chance for obtaining double Glim through adventuring. This daily bonus is very similar to "Double Glim Week" during a previous patch. During this day players get double glim through cutting grass, monster drops, and lair/dungeon chests. This daily bonus doesn't apply to deconstructing fish.

Weekends: +100% Cubits

On Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), players will obtain 1,000 Cubits when filling up the star bar. By completing 1 Star and 3 Star quests in Dungeons and Lairs players can fill the bar and receive Cubits to spend in the Store.

Wednesday: +50% Faster Fishing

Patron - 100% Faster Fishing

On Wednesdays, players will have a chance to have increased speed time for fishing. The time for catching a fish will be cut from 24 sec. to 12 (faster for patron users).

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