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This article or section is hidden within the game and can only be seen within the game's files or in the Trove Database.

This article or section will be updated once information on it has been released.

Dark Mushroom Spore

Dark Mushroom Spore Model

Category Enemy
Type Summon
Primary Biome N/A
AI Type Spawner
Blueprint ID
Spawn Dark Mushroom Spore

Dark Mushroom Spores are unreleased enemies that are located in the game's files. It is unknown when they will be released.

They would not receive damage normally; all damage inflicted on them would be reduced to 1, but they would have very low health and die from a set number of hits.


Like all Spawners, Dark Mushroom Spores would stand still, transforming into an enemy after several seconds if not killed.

They would likely turn into Dark Mushroom Men.