Daughter of the Moon

Icon portrait luna

Daughter of the Moon Armored Model

Daughter of the Moon Normal Model

Daughter of the Moon Ingame

Category Titan
Type Shadow
Biome Shadow Tower (Final Floor, 4th room)
AI Type Luna
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Lunar Soul small Lunar Soul (1-3) Once a week
Moon Daughter's Trophy small Moon Daughter's Trophy Rare

Once you reach the top level, you’ll face off against the Daughter of the Moon; the toughest enemy ever to darken the Trovian landscape.
Titan Daughter of the Moon

The Daughter of the Moon is a Shadow Titan found in the fourth room of the final floor of the Shadow Tower. Defeating her on Ultra difficulty will have players in the group be entered into the leaderboards for the fastest time defeating the boss. If a player happens to get into the top 100 players, they will get a Purple colored name for a week.

Like all Titans, she is immune to being frozen, stunned, or knocked back.


During the first phase of combat against the Daughter of the Moon, she attacks at a 180 degree angle. She is also able to knock players upwards.

During the second combat phase, she will bring out a gun for combat. She has two attacking skills with the gun. The first attack skill that she uses will send a barrage of shots in front of her. She can also use this skill to attack players at a 180 degree angle. For her second attack skill, she focuses on a random player and charges a powerful shot at you which deals much more damage than a normal shot.

During the third phase of combat, the Daughter of the Moon throws her gun to the ground, pulls out her sword and charges at you. Take note, the gun is still active and will shoot any player near it. Sometimes during this period, she will draw a curved line with her sword in front of her. It is advised for players not to go near it when this happens, as her very next attack with her sword is guaranteed a 100% kill rate for a player if he/she gets hit by it. The Death-Defying Vial will not work, even if you have max potions.

In the final phase, the Daughter of the Moon drops all her weapons and armor and goes berserk. During this phase she shoots beams of light at you, and occasionally will shoot two lasting beams of light in opposite directions which deal constantly deal extreme amounts of damage, or shoot a lasting beam into the air that deals extreme damage to anyone nearby. She is also given a boomerang-like attack that can be difficult to avoid, spawning a destructible trap, and meteors passively spawn that create geyser-like traps that deal damage to anybody caught in it which last until she's defeated. The final phase is probably the hardest to go up against since she has no armour on, moving twice as fast as she does with her armour on.



  • When she goes into her third phase, back off immediately. It is not advised to try and go up close to the Daughter of the Moon because of her instant killing attack.
  • When fighting Daughter of the Moon in her final phase, take note that when she raises her hands just above her head, she will fire a laser attack so try and avoid it as much as possible.
  • The Ice Sage is an extremely important class to use because it can slow the Daughter of the Moon by attacking her, thus keeping her away from your allies.
  • During her final phase, be careful when trying to fight up close. Sometimes she will suddenly switch targets at some point and end up killing them if they don't realize it.

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