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Deals can be found in the Store menu (N). They continually rotate merchandise and have a counter counting down until the Deals end (which ends at the top of the hour, every hour).

Each day, players can "buy" a free Treasure Trove. These troves level up with the player's Patron Points. Rewards from these troves are generally nothing great, but they are free.

Players will always be shown one deal for each category; 3250 Credits ($20) +, 3250 Credits ($30) ++, and 18500 Credits ($100) +++. These deals will rotate every hour. The Adventurer Pack and the standard credit packs are always shown.

Deals are shown with the basic deals of the Adventure Pack and the $5, $20, $50, and $100 credit packs.


3250 Credits + ($20)

Includes 3250 credits and a bonus:

3250 Credits ++ ($30)

Includes 3250 Credits and a bonus:

18500 Credits +++ ($100)

Includes 18500 Credits and a bonus:

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