Death-Defying Vial

Death-Defying Vial

Category Equipment
Type Flask
Mastery Points 25
Power Rank 50
Stat 1 10 Flask Capacity
Stat 2 30% health restored
Item ID

Automatically used when low on health!
— Item Tooltip

The Death-Defying Vial is a flask which can be bought from the Store for 20,000 Cubits or 2,000 Credits. It starts with 10 charges, but capacity can be increased through leveling up Mastery Rank, Patron status and using the Knight's subclass. This vial will restore 30% of your health.

This flask is automatically used when the player's health is low, except when hit by the Darknik Dreadnought Mk II's World Ender or the Daughter of the Moon's Backslash.

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