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This page is under Retired Items.
  • The following item is removed from the game due to obtainability and/or the item being discontinued.
  • Players who had the item previously will not have theirs removed, but the item will not have the same use in the game.
  • Reason: "Due to issues with the gem booster, it is retired and can be deconstructed into Lapis Luckbug."
Diamond Dice

Diamond Dice

Category Material
Type Gem
Store Price Credits small 75
Item ID
Gem Level Up Booster. This lucky charm prevents cracking and gives x5 Level Up chance!
— Item Description

Diamond Dice was a Gem Booster used to upgrade Gems. This item would prevent any Normal and/or Empowered gems from breaking during the upgrade process as well as increasing the success rate by x5. These could be obtained uncommonly in Gem Booster Boxes and/or purchased in the Store using Credits.

This item is currently removed from the game and can only be deconstructed to gain Lapis Luckbugs.