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Dodge is a player ability available for all classes that makes the character dash forward, negating any type of damage while the dodge is in effect, including fall damage and Environmental Hazards.

It can be used by pressing [Shift] on PC and [B] on Xbox One.


  • Dodging can be used to avoid taking damage from a short strip of spike traps or lava.
  • Powerful attacks that provide a warning before hitting can be avoided entirely if timed correctly, allowing players to save a significant amount of health.
  • Dodging can negate fall damage if timed correctly.
    • However, jumping is usually easier unless the jump cap has already been reached.


Though dodges are not restricted by class, each class has a slightly different dodge with varying distances traveled, speed of movement and delay before an attack can be used again. The invulnerability is active throughout the movement and delay.

Dodges have a 1.8 second cooldown after being used; this is affected by cooldown-reducing abilities and stats.

Some classes move different amounts depending on whether they're idle (not taking any combat actions) or attacking (currently in any combat animation).

Class Distance (idle) Distance (attacking) Speed Delay
Dino Tamer 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick Long
Chloromancer 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick Long
Lunar Lancer 5.5 blocks 6.5 blocks Normal None
Revenant 6 blocks 7 blocks Normal Long
Tomb Raiser 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick Short
Boomeranger 7 blocks Variable* Normal None
Dracolyte 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Normal Short
Gunslinger 7 blocks 7 blocks Normal None
Neon Ninja 5.5 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick None
Candy Barbarian 6 blocks 6.5 blocks Normal None
Fae Trickster 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick None
Shadow Hunter 7 blocks 7 blocks Normal None
Ice Sage 7 blocks 6.5 blocks Quick None
Pirate Captain 7 blocks 7 blocks Quick Short
Knight 6 blocks 6.5 blocks Normal Long
*Depends on weapon used; 6.5 blocks with a melee weapon and 7 with a bow

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