Draconic Superiority Complex

Draconic Superiority Complex

Category Unlocker
Type Mount
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Item ID

You have won an entire air force! Use to unlock 15 mighty dragons: Erel, Yorinn, Erimatra, Selene, Panatea, Ludini, Fortras, Albairn, Dracocolatl, Thallasion, Flakbeard, Drak-O-Lantern, Inora, Tysorion, and Tannenbomber
— Item Tooltip

Draconic Superiority Complex is a rare unlocker that can only be obtained as a very rare drop from Golden Ticket Chests.

This item is a direct upgrade to the Dragon Force from the Trove 2016 Anniversary Event.

This item will allow players to unlock all of the following dragons:

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