Draconic Workbench

Draconic Workbench

Draconic Workbench old

Category Crafting Station
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Used to craft the flametouched objects of Dragonfire Peaks.
— Item Tooltip

Draconic Workbench is a crafting station used to craft Dragonfire Peaks decorations.


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Builder's Crafting Bench small Builder's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Infinium Ore small

Infinium Ore 30
Formicite Ore small

Formicite Ore 40
Draconic Workbench small Draconic Workbench 1

Used to Craft

Dragonfire Decorations
Draconic Pedestal small

Draconic Pedestal

Watchful Dragon Statue small

Watchful Dragon Statue

Rampant Dragon Statue small

Rampant Dragon Statue

Dragonskull Trophy small

Dragonskull Trophy

Dragon Horn small

Dragon Horn

Draconic Brazier small

Draconic Brazier

Red Torch small

Red Torch

Dragon Pillar Base small

Dragon Pillar Base

Dragon Pillar Mid small

Dragon Pillar Mid

Dragon Pillar Top small

Dragon Pillar Top

Rock Torch small

Rock Torch

Dragon Lantern small

Dragon Lantern

Draconic Ambient Lantern small

Draconic Ambient Lantern

Dragonbone Throne small

Dragonbone Throne

Chalice Dragon Statue small

Chalice Dragon Statue

Bone Pawn small

Bone Pawn

Bone Knight small

Bone Knight

Bone Rook small

Bone Rook

Bone Bishop small

Bone Bishop

Bone Queen small

Bone Queen

Bone King small

Bone King

Basalt Pawn small

Basalt Pawn

Basalt Knight small

Basalt Knight

Basalt Rook small

Basalt Rook

Basalt Bishop small

Basalt Bishop

Basalt Queen small

Basalt Queen

Basalt King small

Basalt King

Dragon Banner - Top small

Dragon Banner - Top

Dragon Banner - Middle small

Dragon Banner - Middle

Dragon Banner - Bottom small

Dragon Banner - Bottom

Dragon Crest Shield small

Dragon Crest Shield

'Red in the Dark' Painting small

'Red in the Dark' Painting

Dragonfire Peaks Landscape small

Dragonfire Peaks Landscape

Charred Chest small

Charred Chest

Bag o' Cubits small

Bag o' Cubits

Pile of Gold small

Pile of Gold

Antique Coin small

Antique Coin

Ancient Cubit small

Ancient Cubit

Energy Ring small

Energy Ring

Lava Crystal small

Lava Crystal

Draconic Orb small

Draconic Orb

Molten Orb small

Molten Orb

Budding Volcano small

Budding Volcano

Charred Bones small

Charred Bones

Volcanic Ovum small

Volcanic Ovum

Widdle Wed Dwagon small

Widdle Wed Dwagon

Cozy Pember Pup small

Cozy Pember Pup

Li'l Azulian Drake small

Li'l Azulian Drake

Large Stalactite small

Large Stalactite

Medium Stalactite small

Medium Stalactite

Small Stalactite small

Small Stalactite

Large Stalagmite small

Large Stalagmite

Medium Stalagmite small

Medium Stalagmite

Small Stalagmite small

Small Stalagmite

Decorative Money small

Decorative Money

Dracolyte Banner Bottom small

Dracolyte Banner Bottom

Dracolyte Banner Middle small

Dracolyte Banner Middle

Dracolyte Banner Top small

Dracolyte Banner Top


  • In the early stages of the game (mainly around Alpha), this workbench was used to craft Dragonfire Peaks styled decorations like it is used today but it has gone through several changes throughout the years. It became un-usable during the introduction of the Workbench, moving all the crafting recipes to that bench. During the introduction of dragons, current holders of the alpha bench would change into the Dragon Crucible. This bench was later re-introduced in the Eclipse Patch with a new model and gained the crafting recipes from the Dragonfire Peaks tab.