Dragonfire Recipe

Dragonfire Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Consumable
Item ID
Unlock a random Dragonfire Peaks recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Dragonfire Recipes are gained by completing Recipe Lairs in the Dragonfire Peaks Biome. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Dragonfire Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls. All recipes once used can be crafted at the Draconic Workbench.

There are a total of 56 different Dragonfire Peaks themed Recipes and 49 of them are unlocked by consuming Dragonfire Recipes.

Dragonfire Peaks Recipes

Like most recipes (once used), will unlock a recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from. Players will already have 7 of the Dragonfire themed decoration already unlocked (that is not included in this list).

Here is a list of unlockable recipes from the Dragonfire Peaks:

Dragonfire Peaks
Dragon Pillar Base small

Dragon Pillar Base

Dragon Pillar Mid small

Dragon Pillar Mid

Dragon Pillar Top small

Dragon Pillar Top

Rock Torch small

Rock Torch

Dragon Lantern small

Dragon Lantern

Draconic Ambient Lantern small

Draconic Ambient Lantern

Dragonbone Throne small

Dragonbone Throne

Chalice Dragon Statue small

Chalice Dragon Statue

Bone Pawn small

Bone Pawn

Bone Knight small

Bone Knight

Bone Rook small

Bone Rook

Bone Bishop small

Bone Bishop

Bone Queen small

Bone Queen

Bone King small

Bone King

Basalt Pawn small

Basalt Pawn

Basalt Knight small

Basalt Knight

Basalt Rook small

Basalt Rook

Basalt Bishop small

Basalt Bishop

Basalt Queen small

Basalt Queen

Basalt King small

Basalt King

Dragon Banner - Top small

Dragon Banner - Top

Dragon Banner - Middle small

Dragon Banner - Middle

Dragon Banner - Bottom small

Dragon Banner - Bottom

Dragon Crest Shield small

Dragon Crest Shield

'Red in the Dark' Painting small

'Red in the Dark' Painting

Dragonfire Peaks Landscape small

Dragonfire Peaks Landscape

Charred Chest small

Charred Chest

Bag o' Cubits small

Bag o' Cubits

Pile of Gold small

Pile of Gold

Antique Coin small

Antique Coin

Ancient Cubit small

Ancient Cubit

Energy Ring small

Energy Ring

Lava Crystal small

Lava Crystal

Draconic Orb small

Draconic Orb

Molten Orb small

Molten Orb

Budding Volcano small

Budding Volcano

Charred Bones small

Charred Bones

Volcanic Ovum small

Volcanic Ovum

Widdle Wed Dwagon small

Widdle Wed Dwagon

Cozy Pember Pup small

Cozy Pember Pup

Li'l Azulian Drake small

Li'l Azulian Drake

Large Stalactite small

Large Stalactite

Medium Stalactite small

Medium Stalactite

Small Stalactite small

Small Stalactite

Large Stalagmite small

Large Stalagmite

Medium Stalagmite small

Medium Stalagmite

Small Stalagmite small

Small Stalagmite

Decorative Money small

Decorative Money

Dracolyte Banner Bottom small

Dracolyte Banner Bottom

Dracolyte Banner Middle small

Dracolyte Banner Middle

Dracolyte Banner Top small

Dracolyte Banner Top