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Note: The damage was reduced in the Monster Bash Update, so the damage shown on this page might not be correct.

There are four different environmental hazards, spikes, fall damage, lava, and fire traps. All forms of environmental hazard are affected by the Knight's ultimate, Iron Will.



Item Harmful & Tips
Floor Spike small Floor Spike Spikes are stationary traps that inflict 5% damage on contact, lightly knock back the player and do not interrupt regeneration.

They will automatically force the player to walk if touched when using a Boat.

Wall Spike small Wall Spike
Lava small Lava When a player steps in lava, they are set alight for 7 ticks of damage (regardless whether or not the player stays in the lava pool), dealing 5% of the player's maximum health in damage every second, for a total of 35%. Neither submerging oneself in water, nor consuming an Elysian Flask reduces the amount of ticks on the burn.

For players using Dracolyte, Lava doesn't pose much of an issue because of the passive, Fire Walking. The damage from lava is decreased from every second to every three seconds and players can easily get out of lava quickly due to the 75% movement speed boost.

Flame Turret small Flame Turret Flame Turrets shoot a flame that is 5 blocks long and will act like lava when touched, burning the player for 7 ticks, dealing a total of 35% of the player's maximum health. These traps come in 3 different colors, each of which activate at a different time.

These will not trigger the Dracolyte's passive.

Line Turret small Line Turret Fireball Traps shoot fireballs that travel 10 blocks unless they hit a player or wall. They do 10% damage on contact, but do not burn the player. There are 2 colors, which fire at different times.
Falling Trap small Falling Trap Falling Traps are mounted on the ceiling and drop down when approached, inflicting 10% health in damage on contact. They can easily be dodged by continuing to move, but cannot be avoided if you are forced to stay still.
Lobbing Turret small Lobbing Turret Lobbing Turrets fire explosive projectiles into the air, which target a certain player and land near them, inflicting 10% damage on contact. They are more dangerous than other traps, as they specifically target the player and are harder to avoid.


Image Name Effect & Tips
Fall Damage Fall damage occurs when a player falls from a height of more than 19 blocks, and maxes out at a height of 45 blocks. At 20 blocks height, the fall damage is equal to 1% of the player's maximum health. At 45 blocks height, it is equal to 35% of the maximum health. Between these values, the correlation between the height and the damage is linear.
Frozen Freezing will prevent the player from moving, attacking, or using abilities.

It is only inflicted in Battle Arena when an Ice Sage uses their ultimate.

Ignite affix Burning

Players are burned when they touch Lava or the fires from Flame Turrets in lairs and dungeons. Burning players do not regenerate, and their health is reduced by 5% every second for 7 seconds.

For players using Dracolyte, Lava doesn't pose much of an issue because of the passive, Fire Walking. The damage from lava is decreased from every second to every three seconds, and players can quickly get out of the lava. This does not apply to Flame Turrets.


Created in toxic fields when a Dark Mushroom Man's projectile hits the ground. The fields are functionally similar to Spikes, although with a larger radius.

When fighting one, keep moving around the target to bypass the field of toxic fumes.