Fae Recipe

Fae Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Consumable
Item ID
Unlock a random Fae Wilds recipe you don't already have unlocked.
— Item Tooltip

Fae Recipes are gained by completing Recipe Lairs in the Fae Forest Biome. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Fae Forest Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls.

Fae Forest Recipes

Like most recipes (once used), will unlock a recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from. Here is a list of unlockable recipes from Fae Recipes:

Fae Forest
Corner Hedge Section small

Corner Hedge Section

Cross Hedge Section small

Cross Hedge Section

End Hedge Section small

End Hedge Section

Standalone Hedge small

Standalone Hedge

Hedge T-Section small

Hedge T-Section

Plain Fae Hedge Canopy small

Plain Fae Hedge Canopy

Plain Fae Hedge Trunk small

Plain Fae Hedge Trunk

Vined Fae Hedge Bough small

Vined Fae Hedge Bough

Vined Fae Hedge Trunk small

Vined Fae Hedge Trunk

Flowered Fae Hedge Bough small

Flowered Fae Hedge Bough

Flowered Fae Hedge Trunk small

Flowered Fae Hedge Trunk

Fae Footvines small

Fae Footvines

Fae Footroots small

Fae Footroots

Fae Planter Straight Section small

Fae Planter Straight Section

Fae Planter Corner small

Fae Planter Corner

Fae Planter End Section small

Fae Planter End Section

Uncommon Fae Planter End Section small

Uncommon Fae Planter End Section

Standalone Fae Planter small

Standalone Fae Planter

Climbing Fae Vine small

Climbing Fae Vine

Flowering Fae Vine small

Flowering Fae Vine

Hanging Fae Vine small

Hanging Fae Vine

'Do Not Feed The Trolls' Sign small

'Do Not Feed The Trolls' Sign

Tree Column Root Section small

Tree Column Root Section

Tree Column Trunk Section small

Tree Column Trunk Section

Tree Column Hollow Trunk Section small

Tree Column Hollow Trunk Section

Tree Column Bough Section small

Tree Column Bough Section

Lawn Troll small

Lawn Troll

Fae Troll small

Fae Troll

Fae Knight Gnome small

Fae Knight Gnome

Faeslinger Gnome small

Faeslinger Gnome

Gnomischief small


Meadow Knight Gnome small

Meadow Knight Gnome

Forest Gnome small

Forest Gnome

Leafy Canopy small

Leafy Canopy

Leafy Canopy Corner small

Leafy Canopy Corner

Large Log small

Large Log

Game Skewer small

Game Skewer

Woodland Lamp small

Woodland Lamp

Blue Bedroll small

Blue Bedroll

Navy Bed Foot small

Navy Bed Foot

Navy Bed Head small

Navy Bed Head

Trellis Table small

Trellis Table

Toad Stand small

Toad Stand

Forest Cheq Table small

Forest Cheq Table

Plain Fae Chair small

Plain Fae Chair

Enchanted Stump Chair small

Enchanted Stump Chair

Fae Banner - Top small

Fae Banner - Top

Fae Banner - Middle small

Fae Banner - Middle

Fae Banner - Bottom small

Fae Banner - Bottom

Fae Nightscape Painting small

Fae Nightscape Painting

Green Arrow - Up small

Green Arrow - Up

Green Arrow - Down small

Green Arrow - Down

Green Arrow - Left small

Green Arrow - Left

Green Arrow - Right small

Green Arrow - Right

Pot of Gold small

Pot of Gold

Healing Altar small

Healing Altar

Froggy Bath small

Froggy Bath

Sunset Egg small

Sunset Egg

Vertical Rope Section small

Vertical Rope Section

Upwards Rope T-Section small

Upwards Rope T-Section

Sideways Rope T-Section small

Sideways Rope T-Section

Downwards Rope T-Section small

Downwards Rope T-Section

Straight Rope Section small

Straight Rope Section

Top Diagonal Rope Section small

Top Diagonal Rope Section

Bottom Diagonal Rope Section small

Bottom Diagonal Rope Section

Magical Frog King small

Magical Frog King

Block Baby Boy small

Block Baby Boy

Block Baby Girl small

Block Baby Girl

Trickster Banner Bottom Section small

Trickster Banner Bottom Section

Trickster Banner Mid Section small

Trickster Banner Mid Section

Trickster Banner Top Section small

Trickster Banner Top Section

Fancy Fae Chair small

Fancy Fae Chair

Fae Fence Corner Section small

Fae Fence Corner Section

Fae Fence End Section small

Fae Fence End Section

Fae Fence Straight Section small

Fae Fence Straight Section

Fae Bubble Blower small

Fae Bubble Blower

Fae Lamp Foot small

Fae Lamp Foot

Fae Lamp Stand small

Fae Lamp Stand

Fae Lamp Bulb small

Fae Lamp Bulb

Fae Tree Trunk small

Fae Tree Trunk

Fae Tree Bough small

Fae Tree Bough

Leafy Canopy Top small

Leafy Canopy Top

Thick Reed Stems small

Thick Reed Stems

Flowering Reed Stems small

Flowering Reed Stems

Flowering Reed Tops small

Flowering Reed Tops

Faerie Dust Vials small

Faerie Dust Vials