Wild Fae Queen ingame

One of the Wild Fae Queens that can be found in lairs/dungeons through the Fae Forest.

The Faes are the fairy inhabitants of the Fae Forest biome.


Only found within the boundaries of their own forests, the Faes are a hostile race of fairies that are ruled by many different Kings and Queens within their forests. Faes typically have medieval professions, such as sorcerers and warriors, and are not hostile to the animals of the forests, such as the caterpillar, spiders, or pitcher plants, but are threatened by and violent towards Trovians.


  • Faes got their name due to them only being able to speak the word "Fae", which players can hear when approaching one.
  • Although only being able to speak one word from their language, they are often found in groups, which shows that they can communicate with other Faes regardless of their limitations.
  • It is possible that their way of speech is a reference to the Pokemon Anime (or any game that gives them verbal speech) where most pokemon say their own names as a way of communication.


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