Fallen Rose
2016-08-20 163237
Type Lair
Designer Artycutie
Biome Medieval Highlands

The Fallen Rose is a Lair that generates randomly in the Medieval Highlands biome. It appears as a wilting rose on a mound of dirt surrounded by water.

It can spawn either a boss or Cursed Skulls.


In the base of the mound of dirt below the rose, there is a hole where the player can drop down into a grey hallway lined with yellow glass and vines, where they can choose to go either left or right. Both paths are identical.

The left and right paths will both lead to a small room in which the player must drop down into a long winding hallway. After navigating the hallway the player finally drops down into the boss room, which appears to consist of more dirt.


  • The long winding hallway after the first instance in which the player must drop can easily be avoided by bombing the floor of the winding hallway or bombing the wall to the left after the initial drop down.
  • Instead of entering the mound the player can bomb the outer edges of the lair which will lead directly into the left and right hallways.
  • While not efficient the player can also simply bomb all the way down straight into the boss room.
  • In the Cursed Skylands the lair is found frequently with the boss room exposed below the islands. In this case the player can use their legendary dragon to bomb their way into the boss room.


Enemy Regular Spawn Lair Boss
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes
Enemy Mushroom King Mushroom King Yes
Enemy Dark Mushroom King Dark Mushroom King Yes