One Hundred PerCentaur Fan Art Contest image
The One Hundred PerCentaur Fan Art Contest is an official contest hosted by the Trove Team looking for skilled designers and artists for a unique Centaur design for the upcoming Centaur Mount.



  • People must view the official Contest rules in order to enter in the contest.
  • Entrys must be posted in the official thread for the conest.
  • Almost any medium type is accepted- with the exception of videos and 50 ft bronze statues shipped to the studio.
  • Entrys cannot use content that is copyrighted or trademarked by other companies.
  • One entry per person. People can create several pieces, but only one can be entered into the contest for rewards and potential prizes!
  • Your entry should be “safe for work” and will be disqualified or deleted if it is indecent in nature. Don’t make the centaur ‘creepy.’ No reverse Centaurs. As a rule of thumb: if you have to ask, it’s probably not permitted.
  • Images and photos should be a decent size. Let’s say 640 x 480 minimum. We’d love to share these and not lose quality!


This contest started at Monday, January 18th and ended Sunday, January 24th at 5:00 PM PDT (GMT-8), at which point we will no longer accept contest entries.


  • 1 Centaur Mount (Matching the style of the winner’s art), 1 Chaos Coin and 5 Centaur Mount codes will be awarded to the Grand Prize winner, judged by the Trion Worlds’ Trove Development Team. *The Mount that embodies the winner's design will most likely be awarded at least a few weeks after the end of the contest. The timeline depends on the complexity of the concept and the flexibility of the Teams' schedule*
  • 5 Centaur Mount Codes and 1 Chaos Coin will be awarded to the top five “Runner-Up” winners, as judged by the Trion Worlds’ Trove Development Team.
  • 1 Centaur Mount Code will be awarded to the next ten “Runner-Up” winners, as judged by the Trion Worlds’ Trove Development Team.
  • 1 Honorable mention with be awarded with a personalized drawing from the developer, Twixler.

Contest Winners

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