Mastery is the overall leveling system in the game, with each 100 Mastery Points equating to one level (except for early levels). The highest level is Mastery Rank 300, with the reward of the Legendary Monarch Dragon
Monarch Dragon

Tips for Fast Mastery

  • If you visit the Flux and Currency page, it will help give you flux for buying things that give mastery, like recipes, allies, mounts, leveling up characters, fishing and many more. 
  • If you do not want to wait and fish 24/7, then I suggest you buy all the common, and uncommon fish, that you do not own. For recipes, I strongly suggest you farm them for they are 100 Flux+ per recipe (Editors note: That's not a lot in the late game). Allies can be bought from the shop of by opening soul traps, which can be bought from merchant ships in the Treasure Isles, a good strategy is to fish and then deconstruct the fish into Glim, which is used for buying from merchant ships. For Sails, you can either buy them or make them.

Note: Players only gain Mastery Points the first time they loot collect a certain type of fish.

  • Other than fishing and recipes, one way of earning some mastery easily is by leveling all classes to the max trial level(4).
  • Leveling up crafting/profession skills also rewards mastery every 50 levels/points. Reaching 100 should not be too hard. Ringcrafting is pretty straightforward and gardening is easy if you just make sponges.