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The First Scenario (unofficially called the Shadow Hub) is the Hub world that was used in Alpha.

It can be accessed by traveling far west into the Sea of Regret in the normal Hub world at the coordinates -2500, 90, -65.

The world has far brighter lighting than other worlds and biomes.


Around the First Scenario, there are a few houses and trees, as well as a Community Chest and Trading Post. The world is surrounded by a one-block thick layer of Sea of Regret.

Other features include:

Qubesly Says...

In one of the houses around the edges of the world is a yellow and blue object that displays ?! above it. Highlighting it displays the following message:

Qubesly Says: This world won't last forever, so don't get too attached to it.

It was likely left over from when the game was still in Alpha, intended to indicate that it would be replaced with the current Hub world.

Mysterious Throne

The Mysterious Throne is a unique crafting table used to create the Porter Potty mount. It can be located in one of the houses around the First Scenario.


The table to craft the Porter Potty


In the Sea of Regret, there are multiple Cornerstone plots. They function exactly like normal cornerstone plots, and are used to access the underground maze mentioned below.

In the main plot of land is an area blocked off by scaffolding, with a sign which comments that there was a cornerstone plot there, which is no longer usable.

Underground Maze

Near the bottom of the world in the First Scenario, a maze system can be found. It can only be accessed by claiming a Cornerstone, digging to the bottom of the world, and clearing out the edges of the cornerstone plot.

Inside the maze are multiple skull decorations; when highlighted, each of them will display the name of one of the Alpha supporters, as well as a short comment.

Saltwater Sam

There are two Red Dragon NPCs in the First Scenario, under the name of Saltwater Sam, a merchant in the normal Hub world. They cannot be traded with or harmed, and will ignore players.

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