Frontier Recipe

Frontier Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Unlocker
Item ID
Unlock a random Desert Frontier recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Frontier Recipes are gained by completing Recipe Lairs in the Desert Frontier biome. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Frontier Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls.

Desert Frontier Recipes

Like most recipes (once used), will unlock a recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from. Here is a list of unlockable recipes from the Desert Frontier:

Desert Frontier
Cactus Cluster Base small

Cactus Cluster Base

Cactus Cluster Tall Crown small

Cactus Cluster Tall Crown

Cactus Cluster Medium Crown small

Cactus Cluster Medium Crown

Cactus Cluster Short Crown small

Cactus Cluster Short Crown

Hollowed Rock Pedestal small

Hollowed Rock Pedestal

Carved Rock Pedestal small

Carved Rock Pedestal

Ornate Rock Pedestal small

Ornate Rock Pedestal

Straight Masonry Fence small

Straight Masonry Fence

Masonry Fence Middle Section small

Masonry Fence Middle Section

Masonry Fence Corner small

Masonry Fence Corner

Masonry Fence End Section small

Masonry Fence End Section

Scaffolding Section small

Scaffolding Section

Reinforced Scaffolding Section small

Reinforced Scaffolding Section

Scaffolding Platform small

Scaffolding Platform

Oil Lamp small

Oil Lamp

Saloon Door small

Saloon Door

Lamp Post Bottom small

Lamp Post Bottom

Lamp Post Middle small

Lamp Post Middle

Lamp Post Top small

Lamp Post Top

Bone Banner - Top small

Bone Banner - Top

Bone Banner - Middle small

Bone Banner - Middle

Bone Banner - Bottom small

Bone Banner - Bottom

Frontier Post small

Frontier Post

Gnomesperado small


Desert Raider Gnome small

Desert Raider Gnome

Frontier Fae Gnome small

Frontier Fae Gnome

Barren Desert Sculpture small

Barren Desert Sculpture

Bandit Gnome small

Bandit Gnome

Frontier Bath Tub Right Section small

Frontier Bath Tub Right Section

Frontier Bath Tub Left Section small

Frontier Bath Tub Left Section

Frontier Wash Basin small

Frontier Wash Basin

Plain Piano small

Plain Piano

Grandiose Piano small

Grandiose Piano

Piano Seat - Left Half small

Piano Seat - Left Half

Piano Seat - Right Half small

Piano Seat - Right Half

Grand Piano - Left Half small

Grand Piano - Left Half

Grand Piano - Right Half small

Grand Piano - Right Half

Pool Table Top Corner small

Pool Table Top Corner

Pool Table Midsection small

Pool Table Midsection

Pool Table Bottom Left Corner small

Pool Table Bottom Left Corner

Pool Table Bottom Right Corner small

Pool Table Bottom Right Corner

Desert Cheq Table small

Desert Cheq Table


Drawer Desk Corner

Plain Desk Corner small

Plain Desk Corner


Large Desk Left Section


Large Desk Right Section


Fancy Desk Left Section


Fancy Desk Right Section

Burgundy Bed Head small

Burgundy Bed Head

Burgundy Bed Foot small

Burgundy Bed Foot

Corner Bar Section small

Corner Bar Section

Straight Bar Section small

Straight Bar Section

Jail Bars small

Jail Bars

Jail Corner Bars small

Jail Corner Bars

Reinforced Jailbars small

Reinforced Jailbars

Reinforced Jailbar Corner small

Reinforced Jailbar Corner

Reinforced Diagonal Jailbars small

Reinforced Diagonal Jailbars

Jail Bar Lock small

Jail Bar Lock

Jail Bar Divider small

Jail Bar Divider

Wanted Poster small

Wanted Poster

Abstract Frontier Painting small

Abstract Frontier Painting

Prestigious Poster small

Prestigious Poster

Trova Lisa Top Half small

Trova Lisa Top Half

Trova Lisa Bottom Half small

Trova Lisa Bottom Half

Red Arrow - Up small

Red Arrow - Up

Red Arrow - Down small

Red Arrow - Down

Red Arrow - Left small

Red Arrow - Left

Red Arrow - Right small

Red Arrow - Right

Yellow Arrow - Up small

Yellow Arrow - Up

Yellow Arrow - Down small

Yellow Arrow - Down

Yellow Arrow - Left small

Yellow Arrow - Left

Yellow Arrow - Right small

Yellow Arrow - Right

Hourglass small


Gramophone small


Homely Stove small

Homely Stove

Mini Molehill small

Mini Molehill

Stack of Shapestone small

Stack of Shapestone

Stack of Formicite Ore small

Stack of Formicite Ore

Stack of Infinium small

Stack of Infinium

Ladder small


Zippy Zebra small

Zippy Zebra

Gunslinger Plushie small

Gunslinger Plushie

Desert Qubesly Plushie small

Desert Qubesly Plushie

Frontier Camera Body small

Frontier Camera Body

Frontier Camera Stand small

Frontier Camera Stand

Gunslinger Banner Bottom Section small

Gunslinger Banner Bottom Section

Gunslinger Banner Middle Section small

Gunslinger Banner Middle Section

Gunslinger Banner Top Section small

Gunslinger Banner Top Section

Frontier Cactus Trunk small

Frontier Cactus Trunk

Frontier Cactus Top small

Frontier Cactus Top

Grandfather Clock Base small

Grandfather Clock Base

Grandfather Clock Body small

Grandfather Clock Body

Grandfather Clock Face small

Grandfather Clock Face

Mine Cart small

Mine Cart

Mine Cart Rail Corner small

Mine Cart Rail Corner

Mine Cart Rail Straight small

Mine Cart Rail Straight

Pet Scorpion Terrarium section small

Pet Scorpion Terrarium section

Pet Snake Terrarium section small

Pet Snake Terrarium section

Empty Terrarium section small

Empty Terrarium section

Bone Frontier Table small

Bone Frontier Table