Ganda, the Sky Shepherd
Category Mount
Type Raptor
Group Birds of Paradise
Item ID

The golden path he leaves behind is intended to lead the lost homeward.
— Item Tooltip

Ganda, the Sky Shepherd is a mount which dropped extremely rarely from Troves of Wonders bought from Merchant of Marvels on a Golden Vendor Ship in a Treasure Isles biome. This mount along with the Birds of Paradise, Mizaia, Breath of the Evergreen and Koroki, the Sower of Chaos can create a trail of special blocks on certain areas, in this case Ganda can temporarily create a solid golden path on air blocks, allowing users to walk on air and to have infinite jump.



  • The rarity of this mount is very similar to that of a Chaos Coin from Chaos Chests making this mount very sought after and making it the most expensive mount that has ever been available in Trove.
  • This is the most rarest mount to get in the game

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