Gigantic Bee Hive
Bee Hive overview
Type Lair
Designer Unknown
Biome Medieval Highlands

The Gigantic Bee Hive is a Lair that generates randomly in the Medieval Highlands biome. As the name implies, it is shaped like a large bee hive.

It cannot contain Cursed Skulls.


At the base of the beehive is either a wooden staircase or rope ladder leading into the hive. Enemies do not spawn here, though they may aggro onto you as you climb. The inside is composed of three floors.

The first two floors can be filled with either honey or flower-covered vines in various layouts. All of the enemies will appear in these rooms, besides the boss.

The final boss room is always filled with honey. It is mostly empty except for the boss; some honeycombs may appear on the sides, however.


  • A single Bomb or Legendary Dragon projectile hitting near the top of the hive can be used to break directly into the boss room, saving time (especially during Challenges).
  • Ranged classes can stand on honeycombs and shoot from an elevated position with no real threat; No enemies that spawn normally can aim upwards, although the Golden Scarab boss may spawn Fireflies in the boss room.
    • This does not work with vines, as enemies can climb them.


Enemy Regular Spawn Lair Boss
Enemy Bee Bee Yes
Enemy Caterpillar Caterpillar Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes


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